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ET5 FDM 3D Printer Large Printing Size 3D Printer With Auto Levelling Easy Assembly 3D Printer 3.5 inches Big Touch Screen


Anet ET5 is an ultra-large printing size 3D printer with all-metal structure. It supports auto-leveling, power outage recovery, filament detection and comes with very easy and quick assembly.

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Anet ET5 is an ultra-large printing size 3D printer with all-metal structure. It supports auto-leveling, power outage recovery, filament detection and comes with very easy and quick assembly. Whatever you are a veteran or beginer on 3D printing, this highly cost-effective printer will be your optimum choice.

Anet et5 fdm 3d printer


300x300x400mm ultra-large print volume releases your creativity. Whatever it is for the professional fields like architecture models, industrial designs and film props, or for household uses as ornamental objects, personalized garage kits and children’s toys, such large printing size will take all of them into reality.


Build plate calibration is the first and most important step for successful printing, as a tilted build plate will affect the adhesion of the model. So for simplifying this technical and newbie-unfriendly process, we developed
auto-leveling function on ET5, successively measuring 25 points on build plate and automatically updating and storing the leveling data in the machine. No need to struggle with the build plate leveling.


It is so dismaying when we find that the extruder just stops spitting filament for we forget to check if the rest filament is enough for the model we are printing. Now ET5 is equipped with filament sensor which once detects the filament ends, it will send reminder to the touchscreen so that you can load new filament to avoid unfinished prints and air printing.


On ET5, the loading and unloading of filament has almost let off all the manual operation. Instead, with just a click, you can load and exchange filament as you expect and keep track of used materials on touch screen.


ET5 adopts 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen with its resolution up to 480*320. Clear UI layout with prominent display of major functions, multi-language switch and relaxed touch makes a user-friendly interface.


For most 3D printers, a power outage or accidental disconnect is fatal and frustrating, especially when you’re halfway into a several-hour print. No worries about unexpected power outages. ET5 could resume printing and recover from exactly where it left off when reconnected.


The assembly of ET5 will maximize your time savings and the convenience for beginners. X and Z module and Y module have respectively realized a whole pre-assembly. With just two module units and six screw in total, you
can complete a quick assemble within 10 minutes.


ET5 3d printer is equipped with self-developed industrial-grade 32bit control board with MCU, which offers the protection to prevent the nozzle from over-temperature, the motor and print bed from over-load and to avoid overcurrent.


The performance characteristics of these products may vary according to product application, operating conditionsmaterial combined with, or with end use. Anet makes no warranties of any type, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 65 × 62 × 24 cm
Voltage & Plug

110V&US Plug, 220V & EU Plug


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