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How to Print ABS on ET4 Series Printers

ABS, fully known as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is one of the main types of filament used in the 3D printing field. ABS has good resistance to

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3d Printer Molds for Concrete

Creating molds for concrete is something simple that we can do with many materials that We can easily find at home, but sometimes We want to

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Introduction about N4 3d Printer

Hi guys, there goes another high-end model from Tomas Aceytuno to encourage you to enrich your print-days! Tomas introduced the process of printing a streetlight on

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A Story of Printing an Angler-Fish

Our big fan, from Facebook @Montgomery Haverton, shared with us his experiences and some lessons of printing assembled models on Anet ET4X. Here you can see a process of how

Anet 3d Printer

Anet 3d launches A8 Plus printer

Time is passing, always silent. In an instant, half of 2020 will pass. In the first half of this year, hot spots often appeared in the

Anet 3d printer

3D Printed Bird Feeder

Want to feast your guests for their visit? Женя Женя printed a bird feeder with Anet A8 Plus and fixed it on the outside of his window. It’s a great way