Dental 3D printer prints a tooth in three minutes

The traditional method requires dental technicians to manually make molds and cast parts. People spend a lot of time and effort to manually make dental bridges, crowns and other dental prostheses.

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3D printed grid can prevent bullets from entering

The Chinese 3D printing experts believe that this project research is of great significance to the development of new body armor.they successfully manufactured lightweight materials with high impact resistance and load-bearing capacity.

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Home Made IR Handwash Hygiene Appliance

The story is about one 3D printer and a man name @KJDOT. Because of pandemic, all kinds of epidemic medical and hygienic application goods are out

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How to Print ABS on ET4 Series Printers

ABS, fully known as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is one of the main types of filament used in the 3D printing field. ABS has good resistance to

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3d Printer Molds for Concrete

Creating molds for concrete is something simple that we can do with many materials that We can easily find at home, but sometimes We want to