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3D technology applied to the design of jewellery spherical structure

The geometric freedom provided by 3d printing technology greatly expands the designer’s inspiration and imagination, and also provides the artistic expression and functionality of jewelry. 3D printing technology and casting technology are more and more favored by the jewelry industry due to higher product quality and reasonable prices.

FDM3d printer is not smooth

How to choose an industrial 3d printer?

Since the introduction of 3D printing technology into China in 2012, compared with the concept that was only widely known before, it is now possible to operate a 3D printer by hand, which is used in maker education, industry, and transportation to give people great convenience.

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3D printing enlightenment teacher

Anet Technology is a professional manufacturer of 3D printers. As early as 2015, several university roommates co-founded and formed a group to develop 3D printing technology.

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Three ways of ET4/ET5 3D printer leveling

With the development of 3D printing technology, the functions of 3D printers in our country are becoming more and more comprehensive. Many 3D printing materials have made great progress and continue to add a lot of color to our lives.

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Six advantages of using FDM 3d printer

Since the introduction of 3d printing technology into the country, 3d printing has rapidly occupied the domestic processing .FDM3d printer technology is a technology with a relatively wide range of applications in China.

FDM3d printer is not smooth

How to print the 3D printing material nylon

In recent years, 3D printing technology has swept across China like a spring tide. 3D printing technology is becoming more and more popular. It is common for Baidu to have a desktop 3D printer for small toys or printing daily necessities.

Advantages of LCD 3D printer

Advantages of Anet LCD 3D Printer

People in the 3d printing industry know that Anet Technology has taken action this year. In response to the new year’s new weather, Ante Technology has launched FDM metal 3d printers and N4 light-curing 3d printers.