July 31, 2020
Four steps for novices to operate FDM3d printer

N7 FDM 3D printer prints the future

Most of the 3D printers on the market are only for individual players. In the field of industrial design, the large-size light-curing 3D printers developed by Ante this time-the N series printers.
July 30, 2020
Anet 3d printer

The 3D printer-printed CubeSat will be launched from the International Space Station in 2021

Whether it’s a Chinese satellite that uses Morse code to send call signs, or the institute’s own 3D printed Tomsk-TPU-120 satellite telemetry transmission technology, next year, when multiple satellites begin to operate in space, these routine tasks will be dispatched.
July 30, 2020
3D scanner on 3D printer

The application of 3D scanner on 3D printer

Did you know that 3D scanning can be a way to start a 3D printing project? In fact, we can build a three-dimensional model of the object by using 3D modeling software or by using 3D scanning equipment.
July 29, 2020
3d printer

Research on parameter setting of food 3D printer slice software

Although people pay much attention to the method of making food through 3D printers, there is little discussion about the complicated design and setting. The author […]