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December 28, 2020
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Make 3D Printed LED Lighting for Your Christmas Tree

– Credit to Mr. Hartvik

How to make your Christmas tree look so different?

Today, we’ll follow Mr. Hartvik’s instruction and make a special LED lighting with 3D printed parts and Teensy 3.2 development board.

With this special designed LED lighting, you only need to touch the sensor wiring under the Christmas tree to change the lighting patterns in 18 different bright looking. 

I  Materials & Tools


Christmas tree

3D printed parts: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4691935

Teensy 3.2 develop board

USB cable (longer than the tree height)

WS2812 RGB LED lamp (cuts to 62 led /length 105CM)

10 Ω resistor

1m three color wiring (0.5mm / 22 AWG)


PLA filament (transparent & black)


Anet ET4/ET5 3D printer

Hot glue gun

Solder iron

II  Make the Christmas Tree Lighting

Step 1, print the parts

  1. Visit the link above and download STL files. We can see 1 “Star-holder” and 3 “Diff” STL files.
  1. Upload the “Diff” files to Cura. Set Infill to 15% and zigzag support to 40% and slice the file.
  2. Load transparent PLA filament to your Anet ET4 (or ET5) 3D printer.
  3. Print the three “Diff” file out.
  4. Load the “Star-holder” file to Cura, and set Infill to 40% and slice the file.
  5. Replace the transparent PLA with black PLA.
  6. Print out the Star-holder file.

Step 2, assemble parts together.

  1. Remove support on the printed LED lighting holder (the “Diff” files) and glue them together.
  2. When glue dries, place them upside down.
  3. Place the LED strips at appropriate position.

*  insert the LED strip wiring into the printed tree trunk (star holder).

  1. Solder the wiring to the LED strip.
  2. Insert the LED strip to the holder (the glued together diffusers).
  3. Insert the wiring into the printed tree trunk.
  4. Connect the wiring to the Teensy 3.2 develop board and test the LED strip. 

* don’t glue anything together here.

  1. Put some glue on part intersections.
  2. Put some glue into the LED strip holder and blend some silicone to seal it.

III – Soldering & Programming

  1. Program the Teensy 3.2 develop board.
  2. Connect the LED strip to the Teensy develop board as below instruction.

Din <—> Pin 2

+5V <—> Vin


  1. Solder the 10M Ohm resistor to the Teensy pin 10 to12.
  2. Solder a single wire to the Teensy board pin12.
  3. Insert the board and USB cable into the printed tree trunk and place the sensor wire at the bottom of the Christmas tree.
  4. Place the lighting assembly onto the top of the Christmas tree.

That’s all the instructions from Mr. Hartvik to make a 3D printed LED lighting with Teensy 3.2 develop board for decorating Christmas tree. Sorry that we’re for now unable to find the programming procedures here. If you’re capable of doing Arduino programming, have a try on this project and put a beautiful lighting on your Christmas tree with 3D printed parts.

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