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December 21, 2020
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December 28, 2020

Make your holiday spheres and hang them in the tree

Step by step teaching you to make holiday spheres

A new video about how to make adorable Christmas Ornaments was released recently by Planeta Voxel Channel. In the video, Planeta teaches us step by step to become a printer expert— Skilled at printing high-quality objects.

Technology and knowledge make your “rich”!

With this tutorial, we can learn what kind of 3D software to use, to make models, and even to make money with these professional designs! Ok let’s started!

The very first step, you need to open the website to download the fonts.


Click on the “arrow” to download the font for free

The font selection has done and now we move to pick up some icons and photos.(2D)


This is a great website where you can find almost every designing elements and materials.

Once you’ve downloaded it, remember to save it as SVG format for later editing

After all the element files are downloaded, we need to use cartographic software to edit and redesign the files and export.

This is software to edit text and image as 2D files.

Planeta trying to explain as clear as possible, from this screenshot, he explained to us that if we are using some files with several parts, like this Santa Claus, the final printed item will not be as one. So, we need to be handling it with care, or change to another icon as design.

The eyes are not needed by then, but we can add them later

And of course if you don’t like the original design, you can make slight change on them.

Editing the text into 1 part bridging the Big Ring
Export the 2D files to Fusion 360, all the 3D printable files are in the making.
We can mend the un-printable area into printable
By using Fushion 360, you can also mend the untouched areas, making the model and its small parts as a whole, so that the printed item will be as one.
As an ornament, there must be a hanging hole.
Making the hole through to the other side

Planeta was making promise that everyone can understand how to make 3D design after watching the video. If there’s anything unclear, email him and he’ll be more than happy to answer. If you enjoyed this video, follow Planeta Voxel channel on Youtube!

Download sources for your reference: 








2D icons and photos download 


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