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December 19, 2020
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December 21, 2020

Anet Bowden Extruder for Anet A8 Series 3D printer & other 3D Printers

Masterpieces Start from Here!

We tested thousands of times and found this extruder performs well in both precision printing and quick printing, it works well with both small caliber nozzles as well as big ones, and always provides uninterrupted material flow, making your printing object smooth without burr.

Double gear brings more printing fun

Conventional extruder usually only has one drive gear and a guide bearing, which causes the lacking of griping force with the filament and lead to bad printing quality. Two drive wheels grip the filament from each side, providing a robust and reliable feed into the hotend.

Whether it is common materials such as PLA and ABS, or flexible filaments such as TPU or TPE, the dual drive gear of the extruder can be directly driven or configured in the Bowden to provide a consistent filaments flow.

Tension adjustment

The Extruder is designed with an opening knob on the side that holds one of the dual-drive gears. This knob is closed with a spring-tensioned thumbscrew. This thumb screw enables an exact tension of the drive gears for a proper hold on the filament, with the function to release the strain and simply load or unload the filament.

All you need to do is pull away from the extruder so that the spring will compress just enough to release the pressure on the material, letting you easily feed it directly into the hotend.

Multiple mounting mode bring more flexibilities

Bowden or Direct drive? The extruder is designed for either setup with a mounting slot on the bottom for an E3D hotend or a groove mount for Bowden tubes. The light-weight style of the Dual Drive extruder makes it useful for direct drive configurations. This is because it helps to reduce tool head weight. Having a lighter head means the printer can move quicker while not sacrificing exactness or print quality because of wobble.

DUAL DRIVE Extruder Installation, No More Filaments Jamming

Instead of pulling from the Inlet of the extruder, pull from the outlet. This is to help prevent the filament from sticking in the extruder. When you do a cold pull, the filament is usually more substantial at the tip. So, if you pull from the PTFE tube side, this will take the thin side of the filament through the extruder resulting in an easy atomic pull and an unblocked nozzle.


Compatible stepper motor: Nema17 (5mm shaft)

Gearing Ratio :3:1

Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Full accessories:

• Dual Drive Extruder

• Thumbscrew tensioner

• Interface gear (mounts on stepper shaft)

• Three mounting screws

• Motor Mounting Adapter

It’s a simple way to install the dual drive extruder, it only takes 6 steps. 1. Remove the original extruder. 2. Remove the old gear from the motor. 3. Replace it with the new gear and lock the screw, watch out the direction of the gear. 4. Place the motor back carefully. 5. Place the extruder on top. 6. Fasten the three new bolts we provided.

You can do this by Control => Motion => Steps /mm => E Steps /mm and enter the value 415. Then try to print a model, if you see hotend under extruding or over extruding, please do a calibration and adjust the E Steps /mm accordingly.

For Other Printers

Please contact the printer provider to see if you can change the E steps/mm.

Make sure the size is appropriate for your printer.

Size is about matching your printer

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