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December 15, 2020
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December 21, 2020

How to Distinguish Anet ET4 Pro from ET4 3D Printer

Both the Anet ET4 and ET4 Pro are the popular 3D printers on the market. Some users may get confused to distinguish the ET4 from the ET4 Pro.

As an upgrade version from the ET4, ET4 Pro has some obvious changes. Let’s check out on their differences and distinguish them easily.

To be recognizable, the ET4 and ET4 Pro have different color metal parts that we can easily see. On the ET4 Pro, we can see on both X and Y axis, all metal parts are black; but on the ET4, some metal parts are red.

Besides the appearance, what updates can we expect on an ET4 Pro?

Surely, that’s the most concerned question for an Anet 3D printer user.

To answer it, let’s start from why we developed the ET4 Pro 3D printer.

It’s quite common that a 3D print would last for several days and unavoidably the noise becomes a problem for your sleep at night if you have a small house. Actually, the ET4 makes a slight noise. But this is not enough for light sleepers or those who require absolutely quiet printing.

Thus, we invented the ET4 Pro.

To reduce the noise of printing, the first thing to do is to apply a TMC2208 silent stepper driver on the ET4 Pro 3D printer.

Why we install the TMC2208 on the ET4 Pro motherboard?

The TMC2208 can drive the motor at up to 256 micro steps which mean a smoother operation and a lower vibration of the motor. According to a test, the TMC2208 operates completely quiet at low speed and increases only 3 decibels over the ambient sound level at high speed while the A4988 which is equipped on ET4 3D printer adds more than 30 decibels.

And the second, we upgrade the ET4 Pro with a Mean Well power converter, a famous brand worldwide.  

Mean Well has years of experience in power converter manufacturing and branch companies around the world.

Comparing with power converters from small suppliers, Mean Well power converters follow much stricter quality control and operate much safer. Their converters offer more reliable power converting for AC 220V to DC 24V for stable 3D printer operation.

These are the two main updates of an ET4 Pro comparing to its earlier version, the Anet ET4 3D printer.

Beyond these updates, the price of the ET4 Pro is also a plus for the end users to pick it up for daily 3D printing.

Click on the link below and check out the price.https://shop.anet3d.com/products/et4-pro

And to conclusion, the ET4 is more an entry level 3D printer at the lowest price for the beginners. On the other hand, the ET4 Pro is more suitable for those who’re willing to pay to a little more for silent printing as it’s much friendlier to your family and your environment.

[Both the Anet ET4 and ET4 Pro are the popular 3D printers on the market. It’s easy to distinguish them from the different colored metal parts, red on ET4 but black on ET4 Pro. Comparing with the ET4, ET4 Pro 3D printer has upgraded with the TMC2208 stepper driver for silent printing and Mean Well power converter for safer operation. ]


  1. Stéphane DUMONTIER says:

    J’ai fait l’acquisition de cette imprimante en décembre 2020.
    J’ai effectué plusieurs dizaines de tests (ce qui est normal quand vous découvrez l’impression 3D) pour avoir des réglages optimums.
    Une fois vos réglages effectués, des impressions de qualités me permettant ainsi d’ouvrir un extension à mon entreprise.
    Je suis très satisfait des résultats. Une prise en main rapide, même pour un novice.

    J’ai rencontré cependant deux petits soucis :
    – Pas de reconnaissance sous windows 10
    – Obligation d’acheter un émulateur d’unité de programmation ST-Link pour la mise à jour du firmware.

    Très bon produit à un prix plus qu’intéressant.

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