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December 14, 2020
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Comparison of A8Plus and A8

As a 3D printer that has received great attention from users as soon as it goes on the market, the A8 has undoubtedly become the first popular model that 3D printer enthusiasts pursue.

Although it is the earlier 3D printer models that went abroad, the outstanding performance of the A8 design is still remarkable. The most important thing is that as an entry-level model, it has become synonymous with 3D printers in the industry today. After this, there are quite a few other manufacturers that imitated its naming method, and a certain brand of A8 model was released. It can only be said that the 3D printer has been developed for long, and the technology is still those technologies. Any type of model is the same to those who know how to make use of a 3D printer. While those who don’t know making use of a 3D printer will be attracted by the fancy advertisements.

As the first generation product, the A8‘s main structure is acrylic model. The material of the hot bed is the aluminum substrate that everyone is familiar with it at the earlier stage. It can be connected to Windows and MAC systems for computer operation, online and offline printing; supported printing materials include ABS, PLA, HIPS, etc., and the printing volume is 220*220*240mm.

Concise but not complicated

As the upgraded version of A8, A8Plus is still equipped with a full DIY kit and a half DIY kit according to the different habits of users. There is no doubt that A8Plus is a model suitable for family use. After getting used to this machine, users can continue to purchase other more interesting components to fulfill their higher demand for 3D printing. For example, some people like to install an automatic leveling sensor to simplify the leveling procedure. For European and American makers who are prevalent in garage culture, it will bring endless fun to transform this open machine. A8 Plus uses Marlin firmware, which is the most common 3D printer firmware. The top 3D printers also have the same firmware, open source and upgradeable. It also supports printing materials such as ABS, PLA, HIPS, etc.

Let’s take a look at the specific upgrade details of A8Plus.

The combination of aluminum substrate and glass hot bed makes the heating of the machine safer

Transmission belt can be adjusted
Marlin Open source firmware can be upgraded, adding DIY functions as players want
Automatic feeding and retreating function, no more complicated replacement of consumables
Assemble a 3D printer, you will get an unforgettable learning experience
Upgraded printing size, A8Plus molding volume is 300*300*350mm

As an upgraded model, the printing volume of A8Plus will inevitably increase. But the printing area of A8 is enough for many players. There are other fancy upgrades, which are only icing on the cake. The comparison of these two models shows that the 3D printer technology is actually that technology for many years. Just add a lot of playable details; players can add different components according to their preferences to complete the effects they want.

Users who like these two models, try one and find out the difference if you can tell!

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