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December 10, 2020
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Tutorial of perfect lithophane model for 3D printing

A 3D printer user has shared the producing process of 3D printed lithophane photo; Save this Tutorial as your favorite collection.

Read the whole article; see if the print is very similar to the real person

Before making 3D lithophane photo, first you need to have a 3D printer, and then you need to take good photos. If the photos are in JPG format, it is better to convert them to PNG format.

Another thing is a small program that converts photos into STL files. 

Here’s how this user, Mr. Irvin Shapiro makes the perfect 3D lithophane photo.

The first step is to make photos in PNG format

Why choose a PNG photo?

Because making 3D lithophane photo requires a clear background without sundry, and transparent background PNG photos is undoubtedly the best choice.

Online image editor: https://pixlr.com/

Selectt“PLAYFUL PIXLR X ”to enter the free version

There’s no free advertising, but it’s worth enduring that to get a high-quality PNG image format for the perfect 3D lithophane photo..

Click“OPEN IMAGE”to upload a photo:

 Select a JPG format photo   
Online photo editing toolbar, there are various practical functions, click “SAVE”  !
then“DOWNLOAD”your photo format PNG

So we have the pure version of the photo, and now we’re going to turn it into a 3D model.

Open the following url, it is an online program for editing 3d models:


Click “Images”to upload your photo

After selecting the photo, you can click the “Model” bar to see the 3D effect of the photo.

You can zoom in and out freely, you can also choose your favorite model style in the red box, and make your favorite photo!

Photos are automatically rendered
Click on the “Patreon” bar to set parameters to the photo model
Click “Refresh” to find the desired arc photo.
Click“Download”, your 3d file is ready

Let’s find out what it’s like to open the model on Cura!

It seems something is missing? The picture doesn’t tell.
A three-dimensional image is an infinite number of triangles irregularly connected together, said Mr. Irvin Shapiro

We need to check the model with the help of a software called “Meshmixer”, and click “Import” to Import the 3D model.

Side toolbar of the software interface
Turn the model to the side to see the depth and some color information
Select “Wireframe” in the View Setting
You can see a lot of irregular connections of triangles

Select “Analyst” in the toolbar, and click “Auto Repair All” in the popup box of “Inspector”

Click “Export” again, and then name the file and download

At this point, the perfect 3D model is ready to be printed.

He also shares a more interesting online 3D model site:https://itslitho.com/

This is a utility with many more features; of course, these are free to use online oh!

After opening the home page, select “Upload” to Upload the photos in the PNG format just processed:

Anet, a good name to remember

Click “Edit” to Edit PNG format vector images:

There are a variety of tools to choose from. You can choose to set with or without borders:

You can also choose different shapes to render the model:

And put a stand on the back of the frame:

A more elaborate lithophane photo model has been designed.

Take a look of the final making, don’t they look alike?

All useful tips are written here, do not hesitate to share!

The online image editor: https://pixlr.com/

Online 3 d model editor program: http://3dp.rocks/lithophane/

More fun online 3D model site: https://itslitho.com/

3D model checking tool: Meshmixer

Follow Anet official website, for more up-to-date 3D information!

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