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Cool 3D printed prosthetics bring disabled children more self-confidence

Self-confidence is a very important personality building in a person’s growth stage, but people are not born to be perfect, and some people are born with disabilities but do not lose hope in life. Using technology to make up for the disabilities has rekindled the light of hope for life.  

Hayley’s new bionic hand was inspired by the superhero Ironman (Picture: SWNS) 

This 3D printed bionic hand only costs 50 pounds, and it also has different colors to choose from, just like “Iron Man”. When Hayley puts on this bionic hand, a 3D printed prosthesis, she can grab her beloved teddy bear, peel the banana by herself, and even finish the delicate work of painting her nails. It seems that all her dreams have been realized.

For a child with “webfinger deformity” like Hayley, if a prosthetic limb is not used, it is likely that the toe can be the only option transplanted to the hand. This set of equipment is trying to offer a sense of horror to these naturally defective children. They can choose colors according to their preferences and take these prostheses as good partners.

3D printing helps a lot in prostheses making. Photo by Harry Readhead

At the very beginning, Hayley’s parents approached the charity organization E-Nable for help, and E-Nable recommended Frankie Flood, an engineer at the University of Wisconsin. After getting a plaster model of Hayley’s arm, Flood began to use a 3D printer to make a bionic hand. In only six weeks, the bionic hand that the little girl liked was completed and sent to Hayley’s home. These are 40 bionic hands that have been completed one year after E-Nable was founded. Some of them can even shine.

New technology make child looking cool

According to E-Nable staff member Melina Brown, when they first implemented this plan, they may have paid more attention to the flexibility and other functions of these prostheses, but now they are focusing on creating beautiful things for children and paying more attention to their Self-esteem. As we know that, owning “superhero” equipment is the dream of any child.

Although God closed a door to Hayley, he also opened a window to use 3D technology to solve physical problems. Through this case, we learned that adversity will make us frustrated, and the road to growth is full of thorns. But you can never lose a heart that loves life.

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