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November 20, 2020
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3D printed a Rear Mirror Mount for the Vintage Car

Just like ordinary printers and scanners that copy data, with 3D printers and 3D scanners, you can “3D copy” anything you like. As the application of 3D printing becomes more widespread and the cost gradually decreases, more and more people are using 3D printing technology to copy their favorite items.

Lenore Edman, who lives in California, USA, has witnessed the power of 3D printing technology. His father treasured a vintage car produced by Dodge Brothers in 1934. Modified classic cars are very popular among classic car collectors. Lenore’s father is no exception as a classic car enthusiast. He saw that his car was not equipped with a rearview mirror like modern vehicles, so he decided to install a rearview mirror. However, there is no manufacturer in the market that can provide rearview mirrors for this car. How to build a proprietary rearview mirror?

By Doris, a 3D copied mirror is exactly the same.

This question is not difficult! As long as there is a 3D printer and a 3D scanner, it can be solved. Lenore’s father scanned a rearview mirror he liked with a 3D scanner, generated a rearview mirror mount 3D model, and then printed it with a 3D printer.

Vintage car is getting less and less nowadays

In order to make the rearview mirrors on both sides exactly the same, he made a mold, sand-casted with aluminum material, and finally painted in black.

The appearance of the new rearview mirror is perfectly combined with the classic car. Nowadays, Lenore’s father’s work has attracted several friends and classic car enthusiasts to come to ask for help, and Lenore’s father helps them make similar car accessories.

3D printing technology is getting more and more popular in our nowadays life, we are using this technology to make our life easier and more convenient.

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