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November 16, 2020
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Designed for 3D printing: New consumable PETG

If you want to use PLA to print a cup, it becomes soft when the hot water is too hot; when printing with ABS you might also afraid of toxic; Anet Editor today is introducing this new type of 3D printing consumable: PETG, will perfectly dispel 3D printing DIY fans’ misgivings!

PETG is the abbreviation of polyethylene terephthalate modification and is transparent polyester. It is a new type of material in 3D printing consumables and has the advantages of PLA and ABS. PETG is a perfect filament with both strength and ductility. It has good chemical resistance, good water resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance. Of course, PETG consumables are also excellent materials for making artworks (such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc.), which can obtain a good gloss transparent effect/perspective effect, and can effectively reflect light.

PETG consumables suitable for food packaging
The temperature is set within the applicable range

Use extruder with a fan, which can help to cool the hot-end consumables and help them retreat, remember to keep the retraction speed at 40mm/s or slower.

Precautions for using PETG consumables for 3D printing:

The melting temperature of PETG is higher than that of PLA, so we recommend setting the hot end temperature from 235 to 250°C; the hot bed temperature to 80-100°. Other parameters of PETG in 3D printing:

Printing technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

Platform temperature: 70~100°C

Nozzle temperature: 200~250°C (210°C recommended)

Wire diameter: 1.75mm

PETG printed jars for storing food/medicine

 PETG is food and skin safe, so it can be used in medical and food applications. In medical applications, it can withstand radiation and chemical sterilization techniques without changing color. Its rigidness makes it a good material for any 3D print that might be used when parts need to hold their shape under pressure.

Light transmittance of PETG brings more possibilities to 3D printing art

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