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A 3D printed model that everyone wants —Baby Groot

After printing so many Groot models, which one is the cutest? In fact, the one below is my favorite. It can be used as a decoration or as a potted plant. It is a very practical 3D printing model! Below I would like to share with you more common models of Baby Groot, with download links. 3D printing enthusiasts should not miss it.

The most often seen Groot Model is this “new life of wood”! That’s the meaning of the fans planting plants on top of Groot’s head!

Groot in “Avengers 1” is a kind-hearted, chivalrous piece of “wood”; he wrapped everyone up with himself in order to save everyone. In the end, his body was shattered and disappeared because of the explosion, but wait! Finally, new shoots began to sprout in a flowerpot, and new seedlings danced in it. We all call him Baby Groot. In the Avengers series movie “Avengers 2”, Groot became more vivid and funny. Later, many fans made some classic and cute shots into memes.

A new born Baby Groot just printed by the Anet A8 printer, has not been colored yet.
Groot after coloring! So adorable!

Thanks to myminifactory.com user, August, who share the model, the model download address:


Groot’s actions are funny and naughty. Remember the prologue at the beginning? He has been dancing even when he was fighting monsters. The following model is also great to print:


Such a cute dancing look is inevitably printed by fans.
Clinton Matos, a hardcore Groot fan, takes Groot wherever he goes!

A super Groot fan, Clinton Matos is sharing this giant Baby Groot, according to his introduction, printing such a big Groot took 8 days to print and a total of 2.8 kg filaments! Readers who like it can click the link to download the model: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2439890

3D printed a Groot lamp; Groot is accompanying you at any time!
 Groot wooden mask is also a work of art when hung

In “Avengers 3: Infinity War”, Groot was wiped out because of processing weapons for Thor. The fans were so distressed that they even cried. Fortunately, Baby Groot came back from the dead in “Avengers 4”. It can be seen that the story of the Avengers is still long, and fans who like to chase will definitely not miss it. And it is for sure printing a baby Groot as a souvenir isn’t a bad idea! See! The wooden Groot mask is also a piece of art hung on the wall. Can’t wait to print this model!

Groot mask 3D model download link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3635579

More 3D models of Baby Groot available for DIY fans:

The download address of the 3D model of the Groot pen holder:


The download address of the 3D model of Groot Cup:


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