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3D printing Apple’s latest smart speaker shell

If you are an Apple fan, you will fall in love with this $99 smart speaker. It may be the cheapest product Apple has ever made. The shape and sound output are very good, and it is also equipped with smart speaker options provided by other competitors. If you have an iPhone and Apple TV, there is no doubt that this HomePod Mini is the best choice to enhance the intelligence of your home connectivity.

Apple's latest smart speaker HomePod Mini
 Apple’s latest smart speaker HomePod Mini launched 13th Oct, 2020

However, this new favorite currently only comes with two colors, what if you still have a favorite color? Then 3D printer comes in playing its role now! The slogan of 3D printing enthusiasts is, only print what you like! Let’s do it now!

At the beginning of the release of some new products, there are only a few colors for consumers to choose, and major companies like Apple, want to develop other colors, normally consumers have to wait more than half a year. Therefore, 3D printing has become a solution to people’s needs for different color choices.

This will be a most special and exquisite 3D printed gradient color object in the home. The slice setting parameters are as follows:

Original size (H/B/T): 84.3 x 97.9 x 97.9mm

Dimensions (height/length/width): 82.0 x 97.8 x 97.8mm

3D Printer: Anet ET4

Base layer: None

Printing accuracy: 0.1mm

Filling rate: 20%

Wire brand: Anet

PLA color: multiple gradient color

Filament: PLA

Let’s take a look at how we 3D printed this brand new Apple Home Pod Mini shell:

Use Anet gradient color consumables to change your favorite things into colorful clothes

The shell completion video can be viewed on the official Weibo of Anet, find your way by searching for “Anet 3D printer” on Weibo!

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