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November 4, 2020
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November 6, 2020

3D Printed Flower Pots–Give You a Colorful Balcony

Normally, many families have their balcony, but some are not big, if the flower pots are piled up everywhere, then the balcony will not have a foothold. If you want the balcony to be tidy and orderly, then the flower stand is undoubtedly the best way. Today we are introducing some types of 3D printed flower stands, storing the flower pots on different flower stand will create an overall sense of well-proportioned, and that will make your balcony more vitality.

How should the flower pots on the balcony be stored?

1. 3D Printed Hanging Pot–Use hanging flower pot for flexible storage

In fact, the hanging pot is a most vivid example. This type of flower pot is more suitable for climbing plants (liana) such as chlorophytum and creeper. They look elegant hanging in the air, and if you want to move your house in the future, it can be taken away easily. For some families, the floor area for the balcony is relatively small, with this hanging pot; a lot of space can be freed up.

3D model info and download:


2. 3D Printed Wall Hanging Pot– Save space by using wall area

For the wall, this is a good point that many people will ignore. In fact, the wall is a very good storage place. If you make good use of it, it will never take up space, and it looks particularly beautiful. Just install a flower stand on the wall, or install some partition cabinets directly on the wall, and then you can put your favorite flower pots. Both simple and retro styles can be controlled. The balcony looks not only beautiful but also very creative.

This flower pot is one example made to be hung on the wall, with a nail hole in the back.

3D model info and download:


Another example of flower pots hanging on the wall, with some combined wooden frame.

3. 3D printed balcony board–Use the balcony for extend space

There are already many communities that use balcony extensions to grow flowers. This extension method is very good example that flower pots can be placed outside the balcony. Both ventilation and lighting are very good. In addition, with the existence of mesh, there is no need to worry about falling, but it should be noted that it is best to put a tray under the flowerpot to avoid water leaking when watering the flowers. 

3D model info and download:


The custom-made balcony desk can be stowed against the wall, you can open for public use when needed, and this will not take up space, is convenient for reading, and is very considerate for small balcony. Clever master uses every inch of the small balcony to create a world of freedom. With a 3D printer, the balcony area can also be decorated as what you want.

Planting these beautiful flowers and plants can be seen in different colors when you are tired every day. It is like being in nature, which is the best choice to release from pressure.

All this can be done easily if you have a 3D printer! Follow Anet 3D for more forefront information!


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