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October 29, 2020
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3D printed kitchen tools, do you know them

3D printers can actually print a lot of daily necessities. Today, I will introduce 5 very practical 3D printed kitchen utensils to make cooking in the kitchen more convenient. However, when you want to 3D print some food-contact kitchen supplies, remember to use some printing materials that have “FDA Approved” and meet food safety standards.

Lemon juicer

Lemon juice is often used in cooking. If you don’t want to buy a lemon juicer, you might as well 3D print one yourself. Of course this cool gadget is also usable for different objects like orange, grapefruit and etc.

Egg beater

A very convenient 3D printed kitchen utensil, as long as you twist the beater, you can beat the egg into many ropy and thick.

Fruit pliers

If you don’t want to buy a pair of tongs, it’s better to 3D print this small device. Just insert the fork into this small device to turn it into pliers. It is so convenient!


This simple bag clip may not seem all that special at first glance, but it’s been designed to be completely customizable. Not only can you 3D print the clips in any color filament so they match your kitchen, but the clip can also be printed in any size that you need. Kitchen supplies that should be used by every family. Put the rest of the bread in a transparent plastic bag, and then clamp the plastic bag with a clip to reduce the chance of mosquitoes and moisture getting in. In addition, usually one clip is not enough. After downloading the 3d file of this clip, you may wish to print a few more to use. You can even write the date on the sticker and paste it on the clip so that you can know how long the food has been left. 

Seed remover

With this 3D printing machine, you can quickly and efficiently remove the seeds every time you eat cantaloupe. It is a very practical kitchen utensil.

If your have friends and family who like to cook, you might as well 3D print these kitchen supplies to them, but remember to use FDA Approved printing materials to keep safe.

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