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Enjoy Easy 3D Printing with HandySense Handheld 3D Scanner

For me, as a 3D printer owner, I usually have the thoughts to print out interesting things I saw when I walk in a park or stroll on a street. Now, with a HandySense handheld 3D scanner, it’s no longer a problem for me to do that.

The HandySense 3D scanner is designed by Anet for utmost convenience to carry around and scan 3D data of objects whenever you want. With totally self-developed core technology of 3D image scanning and processing, the HandySense 3D scanner outputs up to 0.1mm accurate 3D files that printable for a 3D printer.

Features of HandySense handheld 3D scanner

  1. Projects non-inductive invisible safe infrared which can scan directly on a person or animal without hurting their skins or eyes, or disturbing them.
  2. Advanced object scanning and data processing for reliable output of 3D image
  3. It’s portable and weighs only 0.6 kg for easy carrying around.
  4. Support normal or high resolution options to suit different objects for flexible scanning requirements.
  5. Scans at 10 frames per second high speed and provides fast and real time 3D data matching up.
  6. Supports rapid, HD and fixed scan modes for different occasions

Why HandySense handheld 3D scanner?

The HandySense handheld 3D scanner is an easy to operate scanner. You only have to press down the red button on the handle to start scanning. It also comes with well-designed software that operates on a 64 bit Windows 10 PC.

The software will remind whether you’re scanning an object in appropriate distance. If not, the above or bottom bar will display red; if is ok, the middle bar will display green. This function helps you better adjust the position to scan for a better result.

Miss track happens quite often when we move fast with a 3D scanner. But no worry, the software we notice you. You only need to move a little back to previous scanned frame and the software will automatically recognize and align frames to continue scanning.

Also the software provides mesh and texture function to enhance final outcome of scanned 3D data.

To mesh means to connect all scanned frames of points together as a mesh. And texture only works for 3D data at texture scan mode; it improves the texture smoothness of a 3D model.

With a compact design and high scanning efficiency, the HandySense handheld 3D scanner is no doubt one of the most reliable 3D scanners on the market. Along with its independently developed software, it makes 3D scanning much easier than ever before.  And 3D printer users surely will love it.

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