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How to Assemble 3D Printed Polar Bear with Seal Automata

Polar bear with seal automata is a very interesting and popular gadget that a hungry polar bear continuously swings his palm and try to catch the fish from the mouth of a naughty seal. The seal keeps sinking back into the water to dodge and make fun of the bear. Bear palm swinging and seal dodging are actually built on a linkage mechanism which makes it impossible for the bear to catch the fish. And beneath the funny repeat movements of the bear and the seal, the gadget is designed to insinuate the world warming caused ecological damage which leads to the breakage of food chains.

Let’s skip over and see how we assembled one together which was printed by Anet 3D printer.

3D printed Polar bear with seal automata parts

Step 1 – Bear Assembly

1st, find out bear parts and assemble them together.

Bear parts and linkage puller

2nd, adhere the nose and eyes tight to the right position of the bear head.

3rd, put the linkage puller inside the bear and install its head and hand on as below pictures show.

4th, check the linkage by pulling repeatedly to see if it works ok.

 Step 2 – Seal Assembly

 Assemble the seal nose, fish, and the linkage part according to the below pictures.

 Step 3 – Linkage & Frame Assembly

1st, assemble the below parts together as the pictures showed.

2nd, assemble the seal, linkage, and the frame together as the below pictures show.

Step 4 – Gear System Assembly

1st, mount the large gear on as the below pictures show

2nd, mount the white part (ice) on.

3rd, mount the smaller gear and its holding part on.

 Step 5 – Final Assembly

Mount the bear onto the frame with its linkage connected with the gear puller.

Finally, an interesting polar bear with seal automata is finished and has fun with it.

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