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September 17, 2020
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September 18, 2020

Anet A8E – Create 3D Printing Safely at Home

Finally, the brand new Anet A8E 3D printer was launched. With a core design concept of max safety and convenience for 3D printing at home, it comes with lots of new features comparing to the previous version of A8 3D printers.

First, the Anet A8E applies an isolated power supply system with an adaptor for low voltage input to ensure more safety.

Second, the new A8E uses a glass board instead of a hot bed. It’s more energy saving without heating process. And you won’t have to worry about kids touch it and get hurt. Also, with a unique finishing technique, the new glass print bed is super flat and prints more smooth objects at the bottom. 

Third, we also install limit switches on all axes of the new printer to avoid excessive moved parts collision caused safety issues.

Open Sourced

Anet A8E is open sourced for max creativity in modification, upgrade and super freedom in DIY printing!

Weighs only 6.4 KG

Compact magnesium aluminum alloy frame design for max convenience

Heat-free Print Bed

Less power consumption for safe and easy DIY printing even for children, enjoy family moment!

Independent LCD panel design allows you to place it wherever you want for convenience.

TF Card / USB Port Available

Supports TF card file or USB connected 3D printing!

As an elite version of A8, the brand new Anet A8E is a must have for easy, convenient and safe home printing of 3D objects like souvenirs, toys, architectures, and whatever you like!

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