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September 15, 2020
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How do novices choose a high quality 3D printer?

Since the introduction of 3D printing technology into China, 3D printing has been developing rapidly, and has emerged in the major manufacturing industries. It is not only because of the state support, but also because of the low cost and high efficiency of 3D printer, it has changed the production mode of traditional enterprises and promoted the process of industry. Nowadays, 3D printing has made continuous breakthroughs, and the major 3D printer manufacturers have sprung up like mushrooms, leading to a wide range of 3D printer brands in the market, with different prices. How to choose a high-precision, cost-effective 3D printer has become a problem for many 3D printer enthusiasts. Next, anet 3D printer explains how novices choose a 3D printer with high precision and cost performance.

1、 Select from 3D printer stability:

Due to different technical levels, 3D printers can be divided into aerospace, military, medical, mechanical manufacturing, civil education, etc. As a mass group, 3D printers based on two common technologies, FDM and SLA, have become the first choice. FDM 3D Printer is more widely used because of its low price.

Take the FDM printer as an example. The printed products are printed layer by layer. The material line enters the high-temperature nozzle and dissolves into liquid and flows out. On the printing platform, according to the file layered path, it turns into a solid object. Finally, after layered printing and stacking layer by layer, a complete article will appear in front of us. After understanding the principle of 3D printer, we will know that the core component of the printer is the nozzle. For the same price model, pay attention to the quality of the printing nozzle. In the long-term printing process, the material can not be blocked or the power supply can be cut off. In case of an open circuit, the power-off and reconnection function should be provided to avoid printing failure when the article is printed to half.

2、 The choice of 3D printer quality is as follows:

As an interdisciplinary subject, 3D printer manufacturing (FDM) technology involves materials, machinery, electronics, software and other fields. The quality of the product determines the service life. When purchasing, the same price is selected according to the product materials. Materials for 3D printer include: printer frame material, screw rod, platform, servo motor, circuit board, printing wire, etc. The manufacturing accuracy of 3D printer is also very important, the tolerance should not be too large, and the production and installation links are also related to the service life of the product. High quality 3D printers are in short supply in the market. The 3D printers produced by Beijing Qingda Jihui Technology Co., Ltd. have passed the 120 hour uninterrupted printing test, and promise to return and replace without reason for 7 days, exchange goods without reason for 15 days, and guarantee for 1 year.

3、 Whether to independently develop Cura software:

The quality of slicing software affects the quality of printing. Many 3D printer manufacturers have developed their own 3D printer slicing software on the basis of open source slicing software. Consumers should check whether the slicing software is easy to operate and whether the slicing process can see the model slicing process on the computer in real time to facilitate the setting of slicing parameters.

4、 Whether the 3D printer performance test is qualified:

Each 3D printer has its own characteristics. If you want to operate the machine, you must understand the core technology. First of all, it should be convenient to change materials when printing. 3D printing takes a long time. The replacement of materials and continuation of printing often occur in printing, so it is convenient to change materials. Secondly, the LCD panel displays clear information, including: nozzle temperature, nozzle position, printing speed percentage, platform temperature, printing time, etc. Whether the key is easy to operate, and whether there is an alarm device for failure.

5、 Whether 3D printer manufacturers improve after-sales service:

When purchasing 3D printers, we need to ask the manufacturers whether they provide warranty service. If they don’t provide on-site service, how to solve the problems in the use of the products should be discussed clearly with the manufacturers to ensure that there are no accidents in the use.

At present, the development of 3D printers in the market is booming. More and more 3D printers will be born in the market. For users, starting from these five aspects, it is enough to purchase a 3D printer with high performance price ratio, high precision and perfect service system.

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