D printing promotes the development of metal processing industry
3D printing promotes the development of metal processing industry
August 28, 2020
How to Post Process 3D Printed Items
September 1, 2020

How to Use 3D Printer Safely


3D printers can print things such as animals, characters, or miniature buildings molded by software. You can also copy printer readable files with SD cards or USB U disks into the printer socket and after set printing parameters to print them out. What should we be cautious while using a 3D printer?

  1. Before starting the printer, ensure that it’s placed stably and the power is well connected. Do not touch the nozzle or the model because of their temperature might reach 250°C while operation. You can only touch them after being cooled down to a safe temperature.
  2. Do not place things on the printer to avoid damages and accidents. Do not put your hand into it to avoid safety issues while operation.
  3. To change printing material, please pull it out gently only after it being enough heated to avoid damaging the printer.
  4. Please use a 110~220V AC voltage 50HZ AC power supply with a three-pin socket ground-connected to avoid damage or any other accident. The printer generates heat while operation. It should be monitored to avoid operation with tangled filament which can cause severe damage, or even a fire.
  5. Once tangling filament is spotted, please pause or stop the printer according to the conditions and do the tidy up.
  6. Please switch off the printer and power supply when overheating is found. When the printer works continuously for more than 96 hours, please turn it off for a 1-3 hours break.
  7. After printing, please switch off powered supply and clean up tools. After the working surface being cooled down to a safe temperature, please clean up the printer and the work site.

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