3D printers will enter the era of popularization
3D printers will enter the era of popularization
August 24, 2020
3D printing will promote a new space race
3D printing will promote a new space race
August 24, 2020

The $100 home 3D printer is really here

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A home 3D printer for only 100 dollars has really come, and the price of 3D printer is equivalent to an ordinary PC.

The lowest price of domestic 3D printer is only 3000 yuan

“Since the opening of the first 3D printer experience hall in Beijing, 3D printers have become a hot spot. A reporter’s investigation found that the price of 3D printers is no longer high, and there are already 3D printers at the price of 100 dollars-300 dollars on the Internet. And insiders It is expected that as the application of 3D printing technology becomes more and more extensive, the prices of various consumables and printers will inevitably show a downward trend. In the future, 3D printers may become affordable and accessible to every household, just like traditional printers. On the device.”

The $100 home 3D printer is really here

3D printing experience hall triggers DIY topics

Recently, the country’s first 3D printing experience hall opened in the industrial design and creative industry base in Xicheng District, Beijing, providing citizens with the opportunity to get close to 3D printing. According to reports, 3D printing charges vary according to different materials and different sizes of finished products. If you print a character model made of plaster and 15 cm high, the price is about 100 dollars.

100 dollars to print a 3D model, the price is still a bit high for ordinary people. The reporter learned that the 3D printers used in the experience hall are imported precision equipment, and the prices are tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan, and the materials are expensive, so the 3D models produced are more expensive. So can consumers do 3D printing at home?

The $100 home 3D printer is really here

Online 3D printers cost thousands of yuan

The reporter searched “3D printers” on Taobao.com and found that there are many domestic 3D printers whose prices are only a few thousand yuan. Among them, the top sales ranking is an 800 dollars 3D printer launched by Flashforge. 44 units were sold in the last month. The size of this product is 320×467×381 mm, which is different from the volume of many current household printers. Not big.

In terms of materials, the customer service staff of the Taobao store introduced that most desktop 3D printers use ABS resin or PLA (polylactic acid) as raw materials, and the price per kilogram is roughly 13 dollars-20 dollars, and both materials are non-toxic and tasteless. , High security. “One kilogram of material can basically print thirty or forty egg-sized finished products”, which means that the material cost of each finished product is less than 0.7 dollars.

However, the customer service staff told reporters that this household 3D printer can print some simpler models, such as human faces, which are more complex models. These 3D printers priced below 1400dollars are still difficult to complete.

The $100 home 3D printer is really here

Material becomes the biggest obstacle to 3D printers “entering home”

In fact, for home users, 3D printers have a wide range of uses, making models, gifts, DIY toys, and inspiring children’s intelligence. However, for 3D printers to be popularized in families, the biggest obstacle at present is not the price, but the various materials, which is available. User printed template or design.

It is difficult for ordinary consumers to master the use of computers to make 3D models. Even if they spend money on a 3D printer, they have nowhere to play. “The key to why smartphones are popularizing so quickly is that there are a large number of developers and application download channels, and an industry chain has been formed.” said Shao Moyu, head of the 3D printing experience hall.

He believes that in order for 3D printers to be popularized in families, in addition to further lowering the price, a large number of designers need to enter the industry and continue to introduce materials for users to print so that users can directly download templates and print finished products. Secondly, the purchase channels for 3D printers and consumables will continue to expand, so that users can easily buy them, so as to stimulate users’ interest in using 3D printers.

The $100 home 3D printer is really here

3D model printing takes three or four hours

What exactly is 3D printing? The reporter recently came to the first 3D printing experience hall in the country in the Industrial Design and Creative Industry Base in Xicheng District, Beijing, for on-site experience.

This 3D printing experience hall covers an area of ​​about 20 square meters. A camera is set up with a tripod in the middle. It feels like a photo studio. The difference is that the camera is connected to a computer, the result of a traditional photo studio. It is a flat photograph, and the result of the 3D printing experience hall is a three-dimensional model. According to Shao Moyu, the camera is used for 360-degree scanning. For example, if a customer wants to print a real-life 3D model, he must first “scan” himself into the computer, and then the 3D printer will print the final product according to the model in the computer.
The reporter saw a woman experiencing 3D printing on the spot. The scanning process took about ten minutes, and the woman’s 3D graphics appeared on the computer. “3D printing takes three or four hours, and the customer can get a copy that is exactly the same as himself. Miniature model.”

The $100 home 3D printer is really here

Are 3D printers expensive?

For any new device to be popularized, it must have a price that is close to the people. This is an important reason why 3D printers are difficult to enter the family. The earliest Anet 3D printer sold for as much as $130,000 each. Not to mention home users, even corporate users were not interested in this expensive new guy. Anet only sold its first 3D printer three years after its establishment. printer.

After more than 20 years of development, 3D printers are no longer the original price. Although some high-precision 3D printers for industrial design are still expensive, as desktop 3D printers used by ordinary design companies and even home users, foreign countries Brand prices basically range from 3000-7000dollars, while domestic 3D printers have sold below 1400dollars.

What is 3D printing technology

Traditional printers print out drawings, and 3D printers print out various physical models. 3D printing technology was invented in the 1980s, but it is not a product of a high-tech laboratory, but a home studio of a father. At present, the world’s largest 3D printing equipment manufacturer is Stratasys in the United States. Its founder Scott Kremp made a toy frog for his daughter in 1988. Kremp, who has studied mechanical engineering and done welding, decided to use polyethylene , The candle wax mixture is loaded into the glue gun, layer by layer to make a frog shape, Anet3D printing technology FDM (Fused Deposition Molding) is developed from this.

What is the difference between 3D printing and traditional printing

Although the materials and technologies used by 3D printing manufacturers are different, the working principle is basically the mode of layer-by-layer printing and overlay molding. Some 3D printers also use the same inkjet principle as traditional printers. The difference is traditional printers. What is sprayed out is ink, and what the 3D printer sprays out is photosensitive resin, this kind of photosensitive resin can be cured instantly after being irradiated by a special lamp, with an accuracy of 28 microns or even 16 microns.

Simply put, a 3D printer uses the principle of an ordinary printer to connect the printer and the computer, load the raw materials into the body, and use the print head to accumulate the raw materials layer by layer through the computer control, and finally the blueprint on the computer Become a real thing.

3D printers are expected to sell well in the future

Wang Xianggen, general manager of the China region, introduced that 3D printers have four main applications: first, conceptual models, what the artist conceptualizes, what is the shape and body; second, the structure and appearance test or experiment; Three are some functional tests; the fourth is direct manufacturing.

In the past ten years, the main users of 3D printing technology have been designers, engineers, and scientists. 3D printers can help them make a variety of disposable products or models. For example, an architectural designer can use a 3D printer to make an architectural model from the manuscript on a design drawing, and a scientist can even make high-tech products directly through a 3D printer.

In recent years, 3D printers have been accepted by more companies. “Apple, BMW, Sinopec, Haier and other companies are our customers. 3D printing technology has become an indispensable tool in their product development process.” Wang Xianggen said. Since its establishment, Anet has sold 3,000 dollars 3D printers, most of which have been sold in the last three to five years. Therefore, they predict that sales in the next few years may exceed 10,000.

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