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August 19, 2020
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3D printing machine flight detector

How to choose an industrial 3d printer

The French research team worked with archaeologists to use a robotic airship to explore a mysterious new room in the Pyramids of Giza.

Since a team of French researchers has developed a detection robot, it may become easier to explore hard-to-reach spaces and ancient ruins, such as the newly discovered void in the Pyramid of Gizakhov.

In collaboration with a project led by Cairo University and the French HIP Institute, the Institute recently used muon tomography to reveal the cavity inside the Pyramid of Khufu-a technique that uses cosmic ray muons to generate three-dimensional images of the volume. .

3D printing machine,3D printer

Although researchers are keen to find out the exact content hidden inside, they cannot easily obtain it. This is where the new detection robot comes in.

These devices are constructed to fit through a hole as small as three centimeters. They also expand and expand themselves to explore spaces of different sizes.

According to members of the center project team, 3D printing is the solution to the challenge of installing all the necessary hardware to such a small diameter.

“In addition to the common technical challenges of miniaturization,” he said, “we need to machine or 3D print many small parts, and there are many moving parts-for example, the current design of our tubular reconnaissance robot has more than 140 ball bearings.”

The team also followed the evolution path from Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) to Stereo Lithography (SLA).

We started with a 3D printer because it is faster than processing. 3D printing allows us to make highly complex shapes, explained that it is very difficult to get the small parts correct.

“We recently purchased a 3D printer, which is amazing for small and complex parts. Our prototype is much better now, and we can print new parts multiple times a day.”

3D printing machine,3D printer

The first robot is equipped with an omnidirectional camera, which first detects an area and transmits high-resolution images.

Once the safety level is determined, a second micro robot is inserted through the same opening. The robotic airship is located in the dock, but can be decoupled to explore the area. It can also be inflated to 80 cm with helium gas. The robot includes lights, cameras and navigation systems.

Once the mission is complete, the equipment returns to the dock, deflates and moves back from the opening.

3D printing machine,3D printer

The present invention opens up a series of opportunities for researchers to explore hard-to-reach spaces. It eliminates the risks and complexity that tasks usually bring.

In addition, the airship shape makes it easier for the robot to navigate; for example, stairs or rocks can move quickly. According to the researchers, it also provides better viewing angles and greater surface area coverage.

The fact that it can fly makes it possible to overcome all obstacles on the ground, complicating exploration, such as stairs or debris.

On the other hand, a small airship does not require an engine to keep it in the air, and has good stability and better safety for the monument, because the risk associated with collision is lower.

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