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August 17, 2020
CURA interface introduction
3D printer CURA software interface introduction
August 17, 2020

How to set the Extruder card item of cura software

set the Extruder card item of cura software

With the popularization of 3D printing technology, 3D printers have appeared in people’s eyes. Some novices will always buy a few 3D printers for business or children’s play, but many novices can’t operate the slicing software cura and print 3D to them. Print the model, causing trouble. So it is necessary to explain in detail the extruder option in cura software.

Our cura software Extruder (extruder tab) contains five aspects, including control of nozzle diameter, extrusion magnification, extrusion line width, withdrawal speed, and withdrawal length. Let’s come here for everyone.

This tab contains the main settings for nozzle extrusion.

Withdrawal speed: the speed when the extruder reverses. The short-range extrusion is generally set at 20-30mm/s, and the long-range extrusion is generally set at 25-50mm/s. If the speed is too slow, there will be wire-drawing and material leakage when idling, and lumps will be formed at the draw back. If the speed is too fast, the consumables in the nozzle will be torn off, forming a cavity and affecting the next extrusion. If there is a lot of material leakage when the nozzle is idling, you can increase the withdrawal speed appropriately. The specific value also needs to be tested according to the performance of the printer and consumables.

 set the Extruder card item of cura software

1. Withdrawal speed setting in cura software:

The retraction speed of the extruder of the 3D printer is set to 20-30mm/s, and the remote extrusion speed is generally set to 25-30mm/s. Setting the roundworm speed too fast will cause the 3D printing material in the nozzle to tear and form a vod. Cavity. The slow withdrawal speed of the extruder will cause material leakage and cause lumps in the withdrawal area.

2. Cura software sets the diameter of the nozzle:

We can set the nozzle diameter according to the nozzle outlet of the 3d printer, unless you want to change the nozzle diameter. Generally speaking, the diameter of the FDM 3d printer nozzle is basically set to 0.4mm.

 set the Extruder card item of cura software

3. Cura software sets the magnification of the extruder:

The magnification of the extruder is also called the flow rate, and the rule of the extruder is that the smaller the extrusion magnification is set, the smaller the extruded 3D printing material will be. Usually we set it to 1, and too much extrusion will affect the printing effect influential.

4. Cura software sets the line width of extrusion:

The width after the nozzle extrudes and flattens the plastic is usually automatic. When you need to print details, you can manually reduce the extrusion line width. In order to speed up the printing speed or increase the strength of the print, you can manually increase the extrusion line width. The manually modified value is generally within the range of 90%-150% of the nozzle diameter, too large or too small may make the printing effect worse.

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5. Cura software sets the withdrawal length:

For the extrusion length of the 3d printer, we will select the extracted distance from the 3d printing materials. The length of short-distance extrusion is about 1-3mm, and the length of long-distance extrusion is set to about 4-8mm. Please kindly remind you that there is a lot of material leakage when the nozzle is empty. You can add the length of the withdrawal appropriately. The above five points are explained for the cura software Extruder option. Anet believes that all newbies have already set the cura software parameters. If you still don’t understand, you can consult the Anet hotline: anet@anet3d.com

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