CURA interface introduction
3D printer CURA software interface introduction
August 17, 2020
Large-size 3D printer uses housing construction
Large-size 3D printer uses housing construction
August 18, 2020

Factors affecting the accuracy of FDM 3d printers

FDM 3d printer accuracy

3D printing technology is becoming more and more mature and more and more popular. More 3D printing enthusiasts feel that they are favored by the unique charm of 3D printing technology, low cost, high efficiency, and high precision. However, 3D printing accuracy has always been a headache .

FDM 3d printer accuracy

With the improvement of 3d printing technology, the accuracy of 3d printing is also improved as much as possible, and only a part of the accuracy of 3d printers can be improved. There are many factors that affect the accuracy of 3D printers: 3D printer temperature, 3D printing speed, 3D printing consumables, etc., below, taking FDM 3D printer as an example, explain the factors that affect FDM3D printer molding accuracy.

1.The temperature of fdm3d printer:

For those of us who professionally operate 3D printers, the temperature generally refers to the printing nozzle and 3D printing platform. The temperature control of the nozzle is very important. It is used to determine the bonding performance, stacking performance, and basic width of the 3D printing material.

FDM 3d printer accuracy

Therefore, the temperature of the nozzle should be controlled appropriately. If the temperature is too low, the speed of the extruder will be affected; if the temperature of the nozzle is too high, the material will easily become liquid due to its partial liquidity, and it will not be able to form precise filaments.

2.Accuracy of FDM3d printer:

The most important factor that affects the accuracy of a model is the molding accuracy of the 3D printer itself, and other factors are external factors. When we choose a 3D printer, we have to ask the manufacturer about the molding accuracy of the machine, is it what we want?

FDM 3d printer accuracy

The detailed parameters depend on the X/Y/Z three-axis parameters of the 3D printer, because any movement of the wires of the 3D printer is caused by friction between the parts, and deviations are common. The xy plane difference is common, which affects the accuracy of the model. Therefore, you have to discuss these when you are purchasing an FDM 3d printer, so as to avoid insufficient model forming accuracy.

3.Extrusion speed of FDM3d printer:

When we choose a 3d printer, we must not ignore the extrusion speed and filling speed. This is the easiest parameter for customers to ignore. Blindly choosing to purchase will only result in low molding accuracy of the FDM 3d printer, and the larger the cross-sectional width of the extruded yarn. It adheres to the surface of the outer cone of the nozzle, forming an uneven surface, which affects the accuracy of the 3D printer.

FDM 3d printer accuracy

The above three important factors that affect the molding accuracy of FDM 3d printers, everyone chooses the 3d printer process, do not ignore, to print a beautiful model, you must understand the parameters of the 3d printer in detail. Of course, choosing a reliable 3D printer manufacturer is equally important and directly affects the quality of your 3D printer.

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