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August 15, 2020
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3D printing tutorial and precautions

3D printing tutorial and precautions

With the rise and development of 3d printing technology, the price of 3d printing equipment has become more affordable for the people. 3d printers have been used in all walks of life, and even schools and family groups have gradually been developed and incorporated into school Maker Education textbooks to help children Enlighten thinking, cultivate interest in printing 3D printing, and exercise their hands-on ability.

3D printing tutorial and precautions

However, many maker education teachers are very confused about how to use 3D printers, and there is no series of standardized operation procedures. In fact, the operating process of a 3D printer is not as complicated and difficult as we think. Let’s talk to you about 3D printer usage tutorials and precautions.

1. 3d printer usage tutorial:

When we get an FDM3d printer, we first unpack it, follow the disassembly and assembly requirements, and disassemble it in a qualified operation method. Then, we started to check whether the 3D printer is damaged. If there is a big problem with the 3D printer, we can try to get in touch with the manufacturer for replacement. Well, these pre-operations using 3D printers, let’s talk about the 3D printer operation process!

  • ①The first step when we are using a 3D printer is to build a model with cura software, slice it, then export the gcode file, and finally store it in the SD card for preservation. As for the model file, we can go to 3d printing and download it for slicing. Here are two points for the Forest Worker Editor. First, the Forest Industry 3D printer you buy is best to use the Forest Industry open source software cura; second, when you name the gcode file, it is recommended to use English or numbers instead of using it. Chinese characters.
  • ②Preheat the 3D printing platform and nozzles. When we select file printing, the nozzle and hot bed temperature will be pre-heated according to the melting point of the 3d printing material. When the nozzle and platform temperature, the x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis of the 3D printer will automatically return to the origin and start the model.
  • ③Online printing. After our printer installation test is completed, connect the computer and the printer with the equipped usb cable. The lower right corner of the 3d printer will prompt that the installation is successful, you can go down and select the file you want to print to the printer.
3D printing tutorial and precautions

2. Points to note when using 3D printers:

Before we use the 3D printer, we must make sure that the 3D printing platform is fixed with a clip, so that the textured paper is attached to the platform, and the platform and the textured paper do not overlap. On the premise that the 3D printing consumables are not used up, avoid the nozzle clogging for a long time, resulting in the unsmooth filament output. Also, do not put 3D printing materials in damp places because they will become brittle.

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