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August 17, 2020
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3D printer CURA software interface introduction

CURA interface introduction

Anet is located in Shenzhen, which is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau. It is a professional manufacturer of 3D printers. The company mainly produces desktop 3D printers, commercial 3D printers, industrial 3D printers and educational 3D printers.

We independently research and develop, and strive to provide global consumers with reliable, technologically advanced 3D printers. We have applied for a number of patents and adhere to the concept of “3D printing changes lives”. We are working hard in the 3D printer industry. The following is a detailed explanation of the function buttons of the cura interface of the 3D printer.

1. 3D printer printing process button selection:

PressCURA software this button to import the 3D printer model, then clickCURA software this to save the 3D printer model, and clickCURA software to start USB online printing.

2. The choice of 3d printer software cura rotation:

When we are using the cura software, we can notice that there are several “rorate”, “Lya flat” and “Reset” in the above software. This button representsCURA software rotation. Pressing this 3D printing model will automatically rotate. PressCURA software this button , You can automatically place the 3D printing model flat, and then pressCURA software this button to restore the 3D printing model to its original shape.

Click the rotation icon, and three circles of different colors will appear with the model as the center. The model can be rotated around the center axis of the vertical circle plane, and can be rotated at any angle. Rotate the circle with the left mouse button, and move the mouse to rotate the model in any direction.

3. The zoom icon selection of 3d printer software cura:

When we use cura slicing software, we usually use the zoom model, thisCURA software icon means zoom,CURA software , andCURA software this icon is used to restore the 3D printing model, restore the model to the maximum. We scale the 3D printing model, we must control the model comparison.

Scale the model proportionally. Scale represents the size ratio of the model. You can choose to change the size ratio to scale the size of the model. Size represents the size of the model. You can directly change the value to change the size of the model. If you change the size in one of the directions, the other sizes will be changed according to the proportion.

CURA interface introduction
CURA interface introduction

Change the X size of the model in the figure from 156.129 to 100, and the Scale will display the size changed to 0.64 times the original size, and the Y and Z sizes will automatically change to the corresponding values.

CURA interface introduction

If you only want to zoom in a certain direction individually, you can click the icon of uniform scale to zoom in a single direction.

CURA interface introduction

After the Uniform icon becomes unlocked, change the size of X, and the size ratio of Y and Z remains unchanged.

4. use 3d printer cura software to do mirroring:

When we use cura software, we often encounterCURA software this icon, which automatically mirrorsCURA software . Of course, it can also be mirrored like horizontal axis. The X direction is mirroredCURA software , the Y direction is mirrored, and the CURA software Z direction is mirrored. How to use cura edge-cutting software to see how you print.

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