What to do if the 3D printer loses steps
What to do if the 3D printer loses steps
August 15, 2020
3D printing tutorial and precautions
3D printing tutorial and precautions
August 17, 2020

Metal 3D printing technology sharing

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After an experiment, we want to share with you some feelings about the development process of Anet metal 3D printing technology, mainly to let everyone know more about the advantages and disadvantages of this technology.

Metal 3D printing technology
Picture before sintering
Metal 3D printing technology
Picture after degreasing and sintering

After the last technical release, customers and friends came to us and wanted us to help with proofing. As the last article didn’t describe it clearly, the pictures we provided to us were all with high precision requirements. The printed samples were very It is difficult to form, so I apologize.

One thing to be clear here is that the Anet metal 3D printing technology we use cannot replace the SLM technology, because the accuracy is a congenital defect and the technical principle is flawed. You can think roughly, that is, the accuracy of FDM. Of course, with the development of technology, the accuracy will get better and better, but it will always be limited by the principle.

However, this kind of rough print texture is favored in some industries. For example, some high-end accessories and high-end kitchenware that pursue artistic and original appearance, the printed texture is more textured.

In order to pursue a better printing effect, we have polished the printed objects. After printing, the objects are more brittle and easier to polish, and after polishing, the surface effect will be much better, which can basically meet some needs. The following two pictures.

3D printing model before sintering
3D printing after sintering

As mentioned in the last article, we use granular printing. In the later test, we found that the control of accuracy is more difficult than the other two technologies. We are working hard to solve this problem. Of course, we are also trying other technologies. We need to conduct a lot of experiments on materials, and we need to find the best quality printing parameters and consumable formulas. This will be a new technical test.

A very important point for the precision control of Anet metal 3D printing technology is the setting of printing parameters and the selection of consumables recipes, which will affect post-processing. If it is not handled properly, the sintering will break and collapse. The material formula is related to the shrinkage rate of sintering. If the shrinkage rate is not well controlled, there is no precision to talk about. The following two figures show our simple measurement of material shrinkage.

Metal 3D printing technology
3D printing model shrinks before sintering
Comparison of shrinkage rate of 3D printing model after sintering

In summary, Anet metal 3D printing technology, we need to solve many detailed problems, but Sengong Technology believes that there are more solutions than problems. As long as we work hard, everything will have a good result. It is not easy to do one thing well, but time will give us the answer.

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