What to do if the 3D printer nozzle is blocked
August 15, 2020
Getting started with 3D printer basics
Getting started with 3D printer basics
August 15, 2020

How to set up a mixed color 3D printer model

How to set up a mixed color 3D printer model

A mixed-color 3D printer, a self-developed fist product that Anet first introduced to the market in 2015 in China. It adopts a single-jet dual-feed structure and is adjusted by slicing software parameter settings.

The extruder has different extrusion ratios to achieve different printing effects such as mixed-color mode printing, two-color mode printing, layered mode printing, and single-color mode printing. At present, users are located in different fields and industries around the world. So how to set up a mixed color 3D printer to achieve mixed color printing?

1. First, select the 3D model you need to print

The model can be downloaded online or modeled by 3D modeling software. (Under the explanation here, the mixed color 3D model can be a normal monochrome 3D model, no special processing is required, as long as it is a model file in STL format, it is recommended on the Anet official website: www.anet3d.com Download, there is a beautiful model that has been printed and tested by us.)

2. After selecting the model,

open our deeply optimized slicing software CURA (the software can also be downloaded through our official website)

3.Select the color mixing mode of the mixed color 3D printer model M2030X.

set up a mixed color 3D printer model

4. Open the 3D model that needs to be printed.

This time we chose a Chinese cabbage model that is very watery and realistic.

5. The next step is to set the parameters for printing, which is very simple.

Set according to the different characteristics of the model and the different effects that need to be printed. The specific settings can refer to the following parameters, or refer to the Anet3d printer user guide. The different points of the parameter settings of the mixed-color 3D printer are in the gradient setting. You can set the starting point and focus of different gradients according to the scale of the model to achieve different gradient effects.

6. After completing the parameter settings, you can save the .

gcode file generated by the slice to the U disk and take it to the machine to print.

The following is the effect after the machine is printed. Is the effect very experienced?

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