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August 14, 2020
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Features of 3D Printing Materials

Since the introduction of 3d printing technology into China, with its unique manufacturing technology, 3d printing technology has allowed us to produce the products we imagined, saving more costs and improving production efficiency for major manufacturers, without the need for any additional process molds Manufacturing and mechanical processing can produce prototypes of various complex shapes, which can well imitate the mechanical or thermal properties of plastic and metal materials, and earn more profits for the enterprise.

However, 3D printing materials have become the main bottleneck restricting the development of 3D printing. It is also the key point and difficulty of 3D printing breakthrough innovation. Only by developing more new materials can the application field of 3D printing technology be expanded. Speaking of engineering plastic 3D printing materials last week, today the editor of Forest Engineering and everyone will continue to “break the news”.

1. PPSF engineering plastic 3d printing materials:

PPSF is the best among engineering plastic 3D printing materials. It not only has better heat resistance, but also has very high strength and corrosion resistance. It can be used as parts in the aerospace, transportation and medical industries.

PPSF has the highest heat resistance, toughness and chemical resistance. It has the best performance among various rapid prototyping engineering plastics. Through the composite treatment of carbon fiber and graphite, PPSF can exhibit extremely high strength and can be used for 3D Printing and manufacturing the load-bearing products has become the preferred material for replacing metals and ceramics.

2. PEEK engineering plastic 3d printing materials:

PEEK (polyether ether ketone) is a special engineering plastic with excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, self-lubricating, easy processing and high mechanical strength. It can be used to manufacture mechanical parts. Common applications include automobile gears, oil screens, and aircraft parts. More importantly, PEEK has excellent wear resistance, biocompatibility, and close to human bones. It is often used in medical treatment to replace human bones, implant them in the human body, and make artificial bones bionic.

3. EP engineering plastic 3d printing materials:

EP engineering plastic, commonly known as elastic plastic, is a 3D printing material newly developed by the famous American Shapeways company. It is used with ABS3d printing materials. It avoids the fragility problems of wearables or deformable products. Like ABS, it uses “layer by layer sintering” but the printed products are quite good, and the deformation is easy to recover. This can be commonly used in shoes, clothing Wait.

4. Ender engineering plastic 3d printing materials:

It is a brand new 3D printing material launched by an American company tratasys. It is made of an advanced anti-polypropylene material. It has high strength, good flexibility and high temperature resistance. The surface quality and size of the printed product are excellent. Good stability and not easy to shrink. This feature is often used to print occlusal parts.

After reading this article on engineering plastic 3d printing materials, you basically have a deeper understanding of 3d printing materials. The development of 3D printing materials promotes the progress of 3D printers. With the unique technology of 3D printing, it breaks the limitations of traditional industrial production methods and reduces production costs and production cycles to a greater extent. The development of 3D printing materials has always been a hot topic, and the editor of the forest industry in the next issue will “break the news” for other 3D printing materials.

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