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Characteristics of industrial 3D printing filament (1)

The importance of 3D printing materials to the development of 3D printers is self-evident. At present, there are about 200 kinds of 3D printing materials on the market.

3D printing technology has brought extensive changes to modern design and production. Governments, research institutes and companies around the world have vigorously promoted and developed 3D printing technology and its application in various industries. The development of 3D printing has completely changed the manufacturing industries of various countries and injected new impetus into industrial development. And a report indicated that 3D printing consulting company published in recent years 3D printing technology has given the overall growth of more than 21% to the manufacturing industry, with an annual output value of up to 21 billion US dollars.

type of 3D printing materials

We all know that 3D printing technology consists of three parts: 3D printing materials for molding process, high-precision three-dimensional design, and powerful molding equipment. The importance of 3D printing materials to the development of 3D printers is self-evident. At present, there are about 200 kinds of 3D printing materials on the market, which usually have extremely high requirements for heat resistance, flexibility, and stability sensitivity.

Engineering plastics 3D printer materials:

As the most widely used type of 3D printing materials, engineering plastics account for more than 90% of commercial 3D printing materials and are used in FDM equipment. Mainly include thermoplastic materials and thermoset materials. At present, common engineering plastics mainly include the following categories: ABS, PC, PA and other materials.

type of 3D printing materials

ABS is currently the most popular thermoplastic 3D printing material. The shape is usually filamentous, and it also has good hot melt and impact strength. It is the preferred process plastic for fused deposition 3D printing. Its advantage is that the printed parts have good mechanical strength and high stability. At the same time, it can support the use of soluble supporting 3D printing materials together, and can choose a variety of colors. At present, the ABS of Forest Industry Technology has more than a dozen colors of 3D printing materials, and the official website price is 98 yuan per roll (including tax and shipping).

type of 3D printing materials

pc white engineering plastic, which can be combined with FDM3d printing technology to create durable models and tools
Or final product parts. Compared with this 3D printing material, the pc material has the advantages of better strength, heat resistance, impact resistance, etc., so it can be used as the final part for the application of super engineering products. It can be widely used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, medical equipment, etc…

type of 3D printing materials

PA plastic 3d printing material has high mechanical strength, certain flexibility, heat resistance and friction resistance. The PA material developed by Stratasys has effective strength characteristics and fatigue resistance, and is resistant to corrosive chemicals. It is suitable for repeated closure, snap-on and anti-vibration parts, and is superior to other thermoplastics in strength and toughness. This material can be used in the automotive, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing industries.

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