3D printing is the art of life
3D printing is the art of life
August 13, 2020
Several conventional 3d printing consumables
August 14, 2020

Four comparisons of 3D printing technology and injection molding


3D printing technology is a rapid additive manufacturing technology that produces various shapes of parts through computer graphics and digital manufacturing technology that turns human imagination into reality. With its low-cost, high-precision, and mass production characteristics, it impacts the traditional injection molding industry.

Although the development of 3D printing technology has not yet been fully developed and is limited by 3D printing materials and funds, there are still many people who are more optimistic about it and have good development prospects. These are digressions, let’s compare the difference between 3D printing technology and injection molding technology.

1.Comparison of 3D printing technology and injection molding principle

3d printing technology is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, using computer to build three-dimensional model software to build 3d printing model, using specific 3d printing materials, according to the number of layers stacked printing method to manufacture production models. In injection molding, plastic is added to the injection molding machine, and after the hot barrel is cured, it is injected into the cavity of a closed mold by a plunger or a reciprocating screw to form a plastic processing method.

2.3D printing and injection molding cost comparison

From the perspective of extensive mass production, injection molding technology can be mass produced, which can effectively reduce production costs much lower than a single 3d printing technology. But from the perspective of modifying prototypes, many industrial manufacturers will choose 3D printing technology because 3D printing technology saves costs. To modify the prototype link, you only need to move your finger and use CAD software to modify it. Pay attention to the different needs of customers and choose manufacturing technology according to local conditions.

3.Comparison from the perspective of environmental protection

The 3d printing technology uses non-toxic and polluting 3d printing materials. The production process does not waste materials and does not produce toxic substances, which meets the current environmental protection concept. Injection molding technology causes a lot of waste gas and waste water in the production process, pollutes the environment, and causes serious harm to the human body.

4.Comparison of 3D printing technology and injection molding application fields

3D printing technology can now be successfully used in mold model design, maker education, aerospace, scientific and technological practice research and development, etc. It has greatly shortened the product development cycle and lowered costs. It is one of the research and development technologies that scientists must choose. The injection molding process is mainly used in product standard manufacturing.

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