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August 11, 2020
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August 12, 2020

“New infrastructure” policy meets 3D printing technology

One of the closest to people’s lives is the 3D printing industry, and 3D printers have therefore become the focus of attention. Many manufacturers and 3D industry players are using 3D printers to print their new ideas.

Generally speaking, “new infrastructure” refers to the construction of new infrastructure, mainly 5G infrastructure, UHV, intercity high-speed railway and intercity rail transit, new energy vehicle charging piles, big data centers, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet And other seven areas. Under this, computer science and technology, electronic information engineering, software engineering, communication engineering, electrical engineering and its automation, mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation, artificial intelligence AI (artificial intelligence) AM (3D additive manufacturing), new energy And other technical professions are closely related to new infrastructure.

3D printing technology

How manufacturing companies use the important window of opportunity for the development of China’s “new infrastructure” to create a new round of digital strategic planning is the key to their future success. The tide of the times is constantly changing, and the traditional iron rice bowl industry is transforming into “new infrastructure.” New infrastructure technologies and applications represented by 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet, and the Internet of Things are accelerating to embrace the lives of ordinary people.
How wide is the space for the new infrastructure to bring the wings of the Internet?

Take new retail as an example, in addition to the innate advantages that everyone is currently familiar with, including: native support for multi-channel sales (WeChat, Alipay, Baidu, Kuaishou, iGo, stores); native support for multi-media, from graphics to short videos, Live broadcast, and even display products in 3D. The new platform and the blessing of new technologies have undoubtedly allowed products and services to find more bridges and channels for communication with demanders.

3D printing technology

It can be said that the epidemic has accelerated the Internetization of physical stores, and will also lead to a huge change in the business form of physical stores. The previous store format can serve customers within a few hundred meters. It is very good. With the support of new technology , Customers who are a few kilometers or farther away can choose shops to use 3D technology to select goods and pay directly.

Furthermore, the global epidemic has caused people in a state of social isolation to become more socially dependent on virtual cyberspace. Many people have started holding graduation ceremonies and birthday parties in virtual spaces. The Internet is virtual, but social emotions. It is true. If the presence is not strong, then the effect of this kind of social interaction will be compromised. Virtual image full-body drive technology can realize three-dimensional full-body motion capture, and the emergence of 3D technology has allowed this emotion to continue.

3D printing technology

In terms of real estate agency, with the support of 3D technology, it can further optimize the customer’s viewing experience and improve the level of platform service. The agency uses practitioners to use 3D real-scene scanning equipment-3D scanning camera, scanning technology and 3D graphics algorithm to help real estate agency companies Create a new intelligent viewing experience of online VR viewing and VR viewing.

Among all these new infrastructure technologies, one of the closest to people’s lives is the 3D printing industry, and 3D printers have therefore become the focus of attention. Many manufacturers and 3D industry players are using 3D printers to print their new ideas.

The 3D industry is undoubtedly the most popular technology category of this era, and it has also become the most down-to-earth technology that brings technology to life. Digital manufacturing technology represented by 3D printing is regarded as one of the core technologies leading a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, and has broad development and application prospects. Of course, 3D printing and traditional manufacturing are not a substitute relationship, but to give play to their advantages in their respective areas of expertise.

3D printing technology

In the past, the traditional production method has a cumbersome production process and centralized production, which leads to a rapid transmission of systemic risks throughout the supply chain once systemic risks come. In addition, traditional production methods also face environmental protection and sustainable development issues. 3D printing achieves customized production for different consumer needs, which can make up for the shortcomings of traditional manufacturing and promote the transformation of manufacturing enterprises from traditional production methods to intelligent manufacturing.

Chinese companies hope to use new technologies to achieve leapfrog development, and have a strong willingness to embrace and leverage digitalization. Ainite Technology has kept up with this wave of manufacturing upgrading and transformation represented by “new infrastructure” in time, and its desktop-level 3D printers conform to the needs of the times and fit the user experience, even during the epidemic period. More user orders and support than the same period.

Last but not least, what surprises people who lose hair is that traditional hair care products have little effect. With the consumption upgrade and the development of aesthetic awareness, the immediate effect of the current 3D hair transplant technology is deeply affected by the development of youth consciousness. At present, the immediate effect of 3D hair transplant technology is very popular among young friends. Just give me something to watch, I can plant one more hair, cover my face and smile~~

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