“New infrastructure” policy meets 3D printing technology
August 12, 2020
3D printing in the classroom
3D printing in the classroom for a better educational outcome
August 12, 2020

Four steps for novices to operate FDM 3d printer

3D printing will promote a new space race

With the rise of 3D printing technology, some people are interested in it with its unique charm. However, some people have a wait-and-see attitude towards 3D printing technology. They think that 3D printing technology high-tech products have relatively high barriers to access, and it may be more difficult to operate a 3D printer. When you buy a home, the 3D printer can only be used as a display.

operate FDM 3d printer

I believe that many will have this question. In fact, FDM 3d printers are actually relatively simple to operate, far less complicated than we thought. Below, the editor of Anet summarizes the four-step FDM 3d printer operation method for everyone, Xiaobai can also learn.

1. Modeling with cura software:

After we bought a cura software, we did not blindly choose to print. We first choose the model we want to print, and then use the modeling software on the market. 3DS max is more commonly used. Of course, Anet engineers develop a software cura for this machine, which is tailored for Anet technology FDM 3d printers. The printing effect will be Better. Maybe, you still find it very troublesome, you can go to the website to search for 3D printing models and download from above, such as 3D printing!

operate FDM 3d printer

2. use modeling software to slice:

Use Anet’s own cura software for slicing, and the printing effect is better. Open the main interface of the cura software, and then select “Add Model”. After clicking, we will create a download model and appear in the 3D printing space where we are. In the main menu, there is usually an option of “Layered Slicing”. This function mainly helps us to decompose the printer printing process. Users can preview and observe the entire printing process in the software in advance. After clicking, you can see some changes in the model.

Drag the layered preview scroll bar, the software can display the image of each layer according to the parameter value. We know the principle of FDM printing technology, in fact, the entire model is formed by stacking layers of materials. Through the preview, you can intuitively observe how the model is generated layer by layer. Then you can consider adding support to the model (depending on the model). For some models, such as the horn of an elk, we try to support a horn. This system will automatically determine that the printing area needs support.

operate FDM 3d printer

3.Connect FDM3d printer:

After we use the slicing software, we then select the model, compile it on the corresponding device, and then generate the gcode file and insert it into the U disk. Finally, choose to insert it into the 3d printer card slot, and then select the corresponding gcode file on the 3d printer, Print files on the computer.

operate FDM 3d printer

4.Operate FDM3d printer to print:

We are using an FDM 3d printer. We need to check the information of the model in detail to ensure that all parameters are normal. Click the radio button to see if the model is correct. Ensure that the model does not exceed the normal printing of the model. Moreover, we must level the 3D printer platform and keep it level. The temperature of the heating platform cannot be lower than the melting point of the 3D printing material. When printing, do not turn off the fan for nylon consumables.

operate FDM 3d printer

Finally, we need to set the temperature of the print head and the printing plate. In the earlier machines, we generally need to heat them to a certain temperature in advance to enter a state of preparing for printing. However, most of the current models can quickly heat up the print head, so we generally do not The process of “pre-heating” is required, but a temperature must be set in advance.

The above is a detailed explanation of the steps of 3D printing model by Anet editor. Novice Xiaobai can also learn to operate the four steps, so that beginners can quickly grasp it and better experience the fun of 3D printing.

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