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August 10, 2020
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August 11, 2020

What should I do if the filament of FDM3d printer is not smooth?

FDM3d printer is not smooth

Since the introduction of 3d printing technology into China, 3d printing has been recognized by the public for its low-cost, high-efficiency, and high-precision production methods. At present, 3d printing technology on the market can be divided into FDM 3d printing, light curing and sintering technology, among which FDM3d printing technology (fused deposition 3d printing technology) is the most widely used and has entered the classroom of primary and secondary schools.

FDM3d printer is not smooth

Set up a 3D printing maker education laboratory, and develop a maker education laboratory as a template to enlighten students of 3d printing thinking. In this 3D printing maker education, the editor found that many elementary school students have “stuffed filaments”. The following Anet editor will explain in detail several factors that cause FDM3d printers to produce poor filaments.

FDM3d printer is not smooth

In the Maker Education 3D Printing Competition, during the feeding or printing process, we found that the nozzle of the 3D printer was not smooth and the reasons for the clogging were:

  1. Students are blindly using the FDM3d printer process and are eager to print the model. They did not adjust the temperature of the 3d printer nozzle to the temperature of the 3d printing material, resulting in poor filament output. Generally, the temperature is not high enough. You can adjust it to the nozzle temperature appropriately. a bit.

  2. The feeding tray of the FDM3d printer is knotted and the 3d printing materials are not available. We can cut off the 3d printing materials and verify the 3d printing materials and then print again.

  3. The distance between the nozzle of the FDM3d printer and the printing platform is too small, causing the nozzle to be blocked. Adjust the horizontal nut appropriately to reduce the height of the platform.
  4. We use 3d printing materials whose diameter is larger than that of 3d printing nozzles. Generally, our FDM3d printers use 0.2mm nozzles, and 3d printing consumables can be quite small.

  5. The nozzle of the FDM3d printer is damaged. The nozzle is a vulnerable part and is easy to damage. You can contact the customer service of Forest Industry for assistance.
FDM3d printer is not smooth

Basically in the process of using the FDM3d printer, there are several situations where the silk is not smooth. This time, the 3D printer maker education students have made great progress, and they have printed their favorite models.

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