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August 11, 2020
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August 11, 2020

What are the advantages of the N4 3d printer?

What are the advantages of 3d printers

Anet’s mixed-color 3d printer is an earlier batch of mixed-color 3d printer manufacturers in China. In 2019, Anet Technology successfully mass-produced mixed-color 3D printers and obtained a patent certificate for mixed-color 3D printers. The quality is guaranteed. This mixed-color 3d printer has the following advantages:

What are the advantages of 3d printers

1.High 3d printing efficiency

Anet Technology’s mixed-color 3D printer adopts a new type of 3D printing technology developed by using different color materials with reference to the principle of three primary colors, using single-nozzle dual-feed nozzle technology, and through Anet Technology’s unique software algorithm control. And a single nozzle can support printing gradient colors, using gradient consumables, not fusion during the printing process, but the ratio is not adjustable. The single-nozzle dual-feeding mode is easier to maintain than the traditional dual-nozzle feeding, effectively reducing maintenance costs, and providing a new user experience for the majority of 3d printing enthusiasts.

2.there are fewer wearing parts

This 3D printer will not be as easy to damage as the low-quality 3D printer parts on the market. Most of the parts rely on imports and pay more attention to quality. Therefore, the vulnerable part is mainly the nozzle, because the nozzle prints the material at 200° for a long time, which is easy to be damaged. But the replacement is more convenient, basically another screw can complete the disassembly. And the price of this all-metal nozzle is relatively affordable, about one to two hundred.

3. can support more 3D printing materials

In the development of this mixed-color 3D printer, the R&D staff of Forest Industry considered the user situation. This rapid prototyping machine can support more 3D printing materials, such as PLA, ABS, PVA, etc. The follow-up Forest Industry is still improving.

4.The 3D printer is easy to operate and easy to use:

In terms of hardware, the operation is the same as that of an ordinary 3d printer. In terms of hardware, this device has four printing modes (mixed color, two-color, layered color, and single color). Our engineers have made the four modes into 4 models and put them in the software. Just choose that model directly. The parameter uses the default, simple and convenient.

What are the advantages of 3d printers

5. the application market is relatively wide

This rapid prototyping machine is mainly used in education, medical, industrial and other aspects. In terms of education, we are cooperating with psychologists from Sun Yat-Sen University to develop color education, which can print color models through mixed-color 3D printers. In terms of medical care, it cooperates with Guangzhou Army General Hospital and will provide them with printing services and technical support on a regular basis. In industry, it can support mixed printing of hard materials and soft materials, and print shoes of different proportions.

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