What are the advantages of 3d printers
What are the advantages of the N4 3d printer?
August 11, 2020
Talking about 3D printer diy tutorial
August 11, 2020

Talk in detail about how to build a model for a 3D printer

3d printer build model

The process of 3D printing production is design model diagram, model layered slicing and printing. The 3D printer first converts the items into a group, and then the printer starts to cut layer by layer, build for each layer of the cut, and print by layer.

3d printer build model

In this process, a 3D printing model must first be established. After you build the model, you can print the model through a 3D printer. Next, let’s talk about how to build a model of a 3D printer?

  1. Model conceptual design, hand-drawn a model sketch. After drawing the sketch, you can use the scanner to scan it into a picture format, which is convenient for importing into the computer for production.
  2. Use 3D software to make models.
    There are many softwares for making 3D models, including 3DMAX, Maya, UG, Rhino, etc. Readers can choose one or two softwares to make according to their habits. Here, 3dmax is used as an example.
      1. Import the model sketch into 3Dmax.
      2. Outline the model according to the sketch.
      3. Create a graphic body in 3Dmax.
      4. Create other parts of the graph.
       5. Use 3D engraving software for detailed engraving, import it into 3Dmax to complete it and export it as a stl file.
      6, 3d printer is fast, stable, and high in printing accuracy, suitable for teaching, mold proofing, animation toy production, etc.
      7, slice the model file
       (1) Open Winware, the special slice software for Winbo 3D printer, and import the model into it.
      (2) Set the basic parameters of the model;
      (3) Click the menu (red mark) after the support type to set the parameters;
       (4) After attaching the platform, click to set the parameters (marked in red);
      (5) Set the parameters in the options;
       (6) Click the red mark to layer, and check whether there is any error in the model.
      (7) Save it as a file with a gcode extension. (The file name must be named in English)
       8. Copy the long.gcode file into the SD card, insert the Winbo mini 3D printer, first heat up the machine to 230 degrees, and then select the file to print.
      (1) heating up;
      (2) Select the file to print.

When printing with a 3D printer, the powder consumables will be printed out layer by layer, and the layers are bonded by special glue, and the pattern is fixed according to the cross section, and then layer by layer is superimposed, just like we are sitting The same procedure as building a castle with sand on the beach.

3d printer build model

After layer-by-layer printing, layer-by-layer bonding, and layer-by-layer stacking, a complete object will appear before our eyes. The difference between a 3D printer and a traditional printer is that the “ink” it uses is a real raw material.

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