3D printing realizes your Lamborghini dream
3D printing realizes your Lamborghini dream
August 10, 2020
3D printing technology changes medical
August 10, 2020

Three advantages of 3d printing technology

With the development of 3D printing technology,3D printing is favored by the majority of manufacturing industries with low cost and high precision.

With the development of 3D printing technology, it continues to impact the traditional mold processing industry. 3D printing is favored by the majority of manufacturing industries with low cost and high precision. Especially after a series of laws and regulations, 3d printing technology has skyrocketed, and 3d printing has developed Maker education and daily life. Next, let’s chat with the editor of Anet about the three major advantages of 3d printing technology.

1. 3D printing effectively shortens the design process:

Jason and Thomas, the current product designers and brand founders, often need to make models in the design process to feel the size ratio, appearance effect and test whether they are ergonomic. In the past, models could only be made with materials such as cardboard, wrapping film, and diced sheets. However, to process these materials, a variety of tools and hand-made dimensions would eventually have errors.

After understanding the 3d printing technology, just use the 3d printing software to model the rental, adjust the settings and then print it out directly. The current 3d printing can quickly complete some complex models, and 3d printing can effectively avoid complicated processes in time. Therefore, the effective use of 3d printing technology can greatly reduce the entire design process.

2. The development trend of 3d printing technology:

With the popularization of 3D printing technology, the accuracy and efficiency of 3D printing products have been relatively improved. 3D printing technology has been developed to enhance daily life. The market’s demand for “Printable Design” is gradually increasing. This trend has created a new development for product design. Plastic products can also be produced without the need to make molds.

Unlike traditional product design, the high cost is spent on mold opening, and the injection molding industry also restricts production to be cost-effective. Using fusion layering technology (FDM3d printing technology), in addition to solving the limitation of the number of products produced, it can also be transported to the effect of plastic finished products.

3.3d printing technology to create personalized products:

People struggling in the metropolis are paying more and more attention to the taste of life, and the general tastes tend to belong to their own designs. 3D printing is exactly meeting this kind of demand. In view of this, Jason and Thoms, who have rich experience in product design and 3D printing technology, came up with the idea of ​​3D printing productization.

By modifying the 3D modeling program, we can customize the design of different styles and sizes for customers to cater to the requirements of various tastes and add personal style to the products.

In addition, 3d printing technology has also broken the restrictions of the injection molding industry and buckle molds, and the injection molding industry has created a substantial product design space in the past. The hollow design of Freedom sries bird and dragon just shows the individuality of this technology. “

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