Application of 3D printing in film and television
Application of 3D printing in film and television
August 7, 2020
The latest aerospace 3D printing technology application
August 10, 2020

Five steps to 3D printing jewelry

As a new generation of design and production, 3d printing technology has brought extensive changes. Governments, scientific research institutes and enterprises all over the world have vigorously promoted and developed 3d printing technology and its application in various industries. Especially in the jewelry industry, the use of wax spray 3D printing technology combined with paraffin wax casting technology has been widely used in complex and unique jewelry casting.

3D printing technology applied to jewelry activity structure

However, the advantages of 3d printing technology with small forming limitations and high forming accuracy have not been fully utilized. The main reason is that the 3D printing technology is used to replace the traditional manual version, but the real reason is that the 3D printing technology has not applied the advantages of small limitations and high forming accuracy to the innovative design of jewelry. From the perspective of jewelry manufacturing, the editor of the forest industry will conduct 3D printing jewelry design and application research on ball sleeve movable structure, internal suspension movable structure and shaft structure.

Five steps to 3D printing jewelry

In recent years, major breakthroughs have been made in digital manufacturing technology. Various markets have also appeared and gradually accepted 3d printing products. At the same time, the application of advanced 3D printing and digital technology has created unprecedented opportunities for Chinese jewelry. It follows that printing jewelry technology is divided into five steps:

Five steps to 3D printing jewelry
  1. Use a 3D wax printer with high score ratio to print the design model into a wax model. This wax model has this saturated blue color, its density and surface characteristics are similar to traditional casting wax, and it is modeled and printed using a multi-jet design. Its working principle is to sweep the melted wax across the structure building area through several nozzles and deposit it layer by layer on the aluminum platform. When the heated 3D printing material is sprayed on the build plate, the wax will solidify. Another wax with lower melting stability is deposited under the overhanging end of the design model as a support material.
  2. After printing, take the model out of the tray and put it in hot water to melt the supporting material.
  3. Put the model into a container with liquid plaster. The plaster solidifies, the wax will melt in the furnace, and finally the plaster mold is obtained.
  4. Pour the molten metal into the mold through pouring and harden it.
  5. Break the plaster mold, and a new piece of jewelry is born. .
  6. The jewelry is simply polished, and finally it is carefully cleaned and polished by hand.

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