The nature of the work of a 3d printer is the same as that of a 2d printer. It allows you to enter what you want in advance, and then the printer will print and copy the thing 1:1.
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August 6, 2020
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August 7, 2020

Application of 3D printing in various industries

3D printer, printed by a 3D printer

I have to admit that Anet’s rallying call has sounded, whether it is from a heart valve to a church, or from children’s toys to car engines, 3D printer have quietly come to us.
In recent years, the development of 3D printing is well known, bringing countless conveniences and innovations to our lives. The following editor will briefly introduce some of the important roles that 3D printing plays in our lives. Right.

Application of 3D printing in various industries

1. 3D printing in scientific research applications

Researchers from Drexel University in the United States made 3D models suitable for research through 3D scanning of fossils and using 3D printing technology. Not only did they retain all the external features of the original fossils, they also reduced the proportions, making them more suitable for research. .

2. 3D printing in medical research applications

Shenzhen Anet Technology has carried out unprecedented exploration and in-depth research in medical research, and is perfectly combining biotechnology with 3D printing technology. Anet3D printers have been able to perfectly print tooth models of PEEK materials, which can replace dentures in the medical industry.

3. 3D printing in product prototype application

The original model can be printed by 3D printing technology, and then the model can be modified and beautified according to the actual situation, which can allow the design and manufacturing department to better improve the product and create a better product. This not only reduces costs, but also improves efficiency.

4. 3D printing in the protection of cultural relics

Many complex substitutes are often used in museums to protect original works from environmental or accidental incidents. At the same time, replicas can also affect art or cultural relics more and farther people. Recently, because the original Thomas Jefferson was to be exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum in Virginia, the museum used a huge 3D printing replacement to place the original sculpture.

Application of 3D printing in various industries

5. 3D printing in industrial manufacturing applications

As the application industry of 3D printing, most of the contributions in the industry are countless. This technology has penetrated into every chain of the industrial industry, from a screw to a whole mechanical product. Anet Technology also In the industrial field, services such as metal printing and industrial model printing are involved.

This is the broadest market. In the future, whether it is your personalized pen holder, the phone case with your bust embossed, or the unique ring in the world owned by you and your lover, it may be printed by a 3D printer. You don’t even have to wait until the future, you can do it now.

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