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August 6, 2020
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How to make a profit when buying a 3D printer?

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A 3D printer is a technology that builds objects based on digital model files, using adhesive materials such as powdered metal or plastic, and printing them layer by layer. Through 3D printing technology, objects that cannot be made by traditional methods can be manufactured. Use a 3D printer to form one piece, no screws or rivets are needed for connection, saving a lot of labor costs. How can I make a profit if I buy a 3D printer?

How to make a profit when buying a 3D printer

Because the market is not mature enough, but you can buy it back and print it yourself, or take an order to print it for others, so that you can slowly pay back. There is also a 3D photo studio, but the price of 3D photography is relatively high, which requires more consideration.

How to make a profit when buying a 3D printer

The development of my country’s 3D industry is still in its infancy, and overall 3D printer manufacturing companies are still looking for a more reliable and sustainable operation model. Self-media practitioners can provide industry information and manufacturing industry trends for people’s reference, or provide a platform for people to communicate and trade in the manufacturing industry, and achieve the effect of making money by contributing their own value.

How to make a profit when buying a 3D printer

To make a profit through 3D printers, we must ensure that our products are sold because of “innovation”, not because they are “3D printed.” When competing with products manufactured by traditional methods, it is necessary to ensure that 3D printed products have added value.

How to make a profit when buying a 3D printer

Another embodiment of added value lies in customization, which is also one of the greater characteristics of 3D printing. The 3D printed products can be perfectly customized according to the specific needs of customers.

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