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How to make a profit when buying a 3D printer?
August 6, 2020
3D printing technology applied to jewelry activity structure
3D printing technology faces problems in the structure of jewelry activities​
August 6, 2020

3D technology applied to the design of jewellery spherical structure

3d printing technology,3d printing

There are various movable structures in jewellery. The most common ones are the chain structure and hook structure used in pendants. Apart from this structure, it is difficult to buy very novel jewellery with structures in the market. As stated in the previous article, it can be an active structure that uses 3d printing technology and casting technology to make jewelry. Using these technologies, we can now produce shapes that are difficult to produce with traditional techniques.

3d printing technology,3d printing

The geometric freedom provided by 3d printing technology greatly expands the designer’s inspiration and imagination, and also provides the artistic expression and functionality of jewelry. 3D printing technology and casting technology are more and more favored by the jewelry industry due to higher product quality and reasonable prices. The following will introduce some innovative movable structures based on 3d printing and lost wax casting technology, such as spherical sleeves, internal suspension movable structures, multi-spiral movable structures and shaft movable structures.

The ball sleeve movable structure refers to the hollow ball sleeve with other activities. Designers use traditional methods to make such a structure which is very difficult and costly. In the traditional art of ivory carving and bone carving, the artist can create artwork with up to 60 layers of spherical structure.

3d printing technology,3d printing

However, there are very few art sculptors with such a craft, and the success rate of completing high quality is also very low. Traditional production methods take a long time, and even in the world, there are few masterpieces. Under normal circumstances, such artworks are sold as collectibles, and ordinary consumers cannot afford to buy them.

Through 3d printing technology and lost wax casting technology, the entire production process has been simplified. Designers can combine traditional design with innovative design without relying on the craftsmanship of the sculptor.

3d printing technology,3d printing

In order to use 3D printing technology and lost wax casting to make the inner sleeve structure of the ball sleeve, the author proposed “support design and division”. All parts will be made of the same metal. In order to illustrate the complex three-dimensional design of the ball sleeve structure, The ball and support column will be made of transparent glass, the inner sphere will be made of red plastic material, and the green plastic will be used to make the support column. After the casting of all parts is completed, tools can be used to disassemble the support column to separate the outer ball sleeve and the inner ball head to form a movable structure.

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