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The working principle of several 3d printers

working principle of several 3d printers

Speaking of 3d printing technology, I believe you will not be unfamiliar with it. It is included in the “Made in China 2025” plan. As a key support technology, 3d printing technology has the characteristics of low cost, no mechanical processing, and short production cycle. Everyone agrees. Although there are still some bottlenecks in the development of 3d printing, the working principle of 3d printers has always been a hot topic for 3d printing enthusiasts. The working principles of different 3D printers are quite different. The following Anet editor will analyze the working principle and printing process of the 3D printer in depth.

working principle of several 3d printers

1.Working principle of 3d printer:

3D printers are also called rapid prototyping machines and 3D printers. It is a kind of cumulative manufacturing technology. It is mainly based on digital models (stl files), using a variety of 3D printing materials, and printing them layer by layer according to the designed program. This is how the 3d printer works. Of course, different 3d printers have subtle differences:

working principle of several 3d printers

  • ① The FDM3d printer adopts the “volume molding” technology, and the entire process is that the nozzle melts the printing material and accumulates the material to form;

  • ②The light-curing 3D printer adopts the “laser sintering” technology, which uses powder particles as a medium to form a liquid binder on the powder layer of the mold for curing.

  • ③There are also some 3D printers that use “inkjet” methods, using extremely thin liquid plastic materials, stacked up.

2.the working process of the 3d printer:

There are many 3d printers on the market, and the printing process is actually the same for different 3d printers, generally divided into the following steps:

working principle of several 3d printers

  • ① Create a model file through computer CAD software, use the model file or use the developed slicing software to create a better modeling effect. We at Anet Technology have developed our own special cura slicing software, which is suitable for all kinds of novices.

  • ②Set the parameters of the model according to your own requirements for printing the model, then slice, and save the slice in STL format. Here is a warm reminder, generally 3d printers can only recognize the STL file format.

  • ③Insert your own 3D printing model into the 3D printer card slot, and then connect to the computer to print. Of course, pay attention to whether the platform is leveled and the hot bed is adjusted to the specified temperature during this process to prevent the model base from falling off during printing.

The above is the principle and workflow of the 3D printer. When we use the 3D printing process, pay attention to the leveling of the 3D printer. Of course, we also need a high-quality 3D printer. Try to choose a qualified 3D printer manufacturer, which will give you a different 3D printing experience.

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