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August 4, 2020
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August 4, 2020

Talk in detail about several common 3d printer nozzles

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I believe that 3d printing technology is not unfamiliar. As a new type of technology, 3d printing technology brings many conveniences to people of all countries, greatly simplifies the cumbersome work process and saves the cost of production parts for enterprises, and is listed in the “China 2025 In “Manufacturing”, we can see the degree of importance to it. When we talk about technology, we definitely think of all kinds of 3d printers first. Today, the editor I want to talk about is not a 3D printer, but a nozzle that is an important part of a 3D printer.

detail about several common 3d printer nozzles

As a wearing part, the nozzle plays an irreplaceable role in the 3d printer process. The following Anet technology editor comprehensively explains the types of 3D printer nozzles.
Anet editor sorts out the types of 3D printer nozzles, which are nothing more than the following types. You can install the number of nozzles, or according to the purpose of the nozzle, and also according to the structure principle of the nozzle.

1.Classification according to the number of 3d printer nozzles:

Generally speaking, 3D printers are divided according to the number, which can be divided into: single nozzle, double nozzle, triple nozzle, etc. According to different types of rapid prototyping machines, the corresponding nozzles are used. Let’s get Anet Technology’s mixed-color 3D printer. For N7, this 3D printer adopts single-nozzle and double-feed, which is more efficient than traditional double-feed and double-nozzle, is easy to maintain, can effectively reduce costs, and provide users with a new experience.

detail about several common 3d printer nozzles

2.Classification according to the purpose of 3d printer nozzles:

The nozzles on the market can be divided into FDM3d printing nozzles, light curing 3d printing nozzles, nozzle nozzles and powder sintering nozzles according to different principles of 3d printers. For different functions, the nozzle of FDM is made of high metal, high temperature resistant material, with holes at the bottom, heating the nozzle to melt the thermoplastic material, so that the extruded material and the previous layer are fused together. There are generally three photo-curing 3D printing nozzles, one nozzle is used to spray liquid

detail about several common 3d printer nozzles

photosensitive resin; the second nozzle is used to output ultraviolet light; the remaining third nozzle is mainly used to support the computer control system, which is connected with the light guide that outputs ultraviolet light. If the fiber wants to connect, the powder 3 material is conveyed to the system under the liquid photosensitive resin, and then the light curing glue is used to illuminate the 3D printing pattern.

3.according to the 3D printer nozzle structure classification:

detail about several common 3d printer nozzles

Generally speaking, the nozzle structure mainly reflects the precision of the nozzle. The nozzle is mainly determined by the precision of printing. The general nozzle can be adjusted between 0.2mm~1.0mm. Different manufacturers have different precision. For example, Sen Anet technology can also print with a 0.4mm nozzle. 0.2mm accuracy

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