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August 4, 2020
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August 6, 2020

How to choose an industrial 3d printer?

FDM3d printer is not smooth

Since the introduction of 3D printing technology into China in 2012, compared with the concept that was only widely known before, it is now possible to operate a 3D printer by hand, which is used in maker education, industry, and transportation to give people great convenience. At the same time, the demand for industrial-grade 3D printers is also very huge. How do we choose one of our favorite industrial-grade 3D printers from 3D printing equipment? How much is an industrial-grade 3d printer? The following Anet editor to reveal the relevant knowledge of the price of industrial-grade 3d printers.

How to choose an industrial 3d printer

One,Understand the industrial 3d printer industry situation:

As a novice when choosing an industrial-grade 3D printer, first understand the knowledge of the industrial-grade 3D printer industry, otherwise it is easy to be pitted. I don’t know which 3D printer manufacturer to choose is more reliable, how strong the company is, and whether it has high-tech enterprise certification. Industry reputation, etc. We should consider these, but not blindly choose. After all, an industrial-grade 3D printer is still more expensive. The author personally recommends that you choose an old enterprise with qualifications and after-sales service before buying a 3D printer, which will save you a lot of time and energy.

How to choose an industrial 3d printer

Tow,Clarify your own needs:

The price range of industrial 3D printers ranges from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions. Common technologies include FDM, SLM, POLYJET, MJP, SLA, DLP, EBM, etc. Each additive manufacturing technology is similar to the traditional process of turning, milling, and planing. Grinding is just a kind of craft, and the solutions are limited. At this time, you need to determine which craft type you need based on your needs.
What do you want to use a 3D printer for? What results will be printed? Some people want to buy a prototype to meet the assembly structure verification; some people want to make finished parts to meet the needs of use. The demand determines the size, material type and molding accuracy of the purchased equipment. The price of a 3D printer is directly proportional to the molding size and the amount of materials. Excluding scientific research purposes, the larger the print size is not the better, it is better to suit you, and the size is too large, which will lead to waste of 3D printing materials and affect printing. speed.

How to choose an industrial 3d printer

Three, how many industrial-grade 3d printers are:

At present, industrial-grade 3D printers on the market are generally more than hundreds of thousands, and the price is relatively expensive. Due to the relatively high technical precision requirements of industrial-grade 3D printers, the technical costs and parts prices are relatively high. Basically, a high-precision 3D printer is It’s about a million, is it even more expensive than BMW? Don’t be afraid, the editor tells you a good news. Anet Technology has independently developed two industrial-grade 3d printers, one is a DLP industrial-grade 3d printer, and the other is an FDM metal 3d printer, which can be used to print metal at both prices. It’s more beautiful, welcome to print and consult.

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