working principle of several 3d printers
The working principle of several 3d printers
August 4, 2020
Advantages of 3D printing hand model
Talk in detail about several common 3d printer nozzles
August 4, 2020

3D printing enlightenment teacher

3d printer build model

Anet Technology is a professional manufacturer of 3D printers. As early as 2015, several university roommates co-founded and formed a group to develop 3D printing technology, which has flourished in the field of 3D printing. Anet Technology’s 3D printer series has won the favor of customers and made brilliant achievements in the field of 3D printers.

3D printing enlightenment teacher

In recent years, Anet Technology has been adhering to the original intention of starting a business, pursuing the quality and performance of 3D printers, and giving customers a better user experience. It is widely used in education, medical treatment, industry, transportation, etc., so that 3D printers can be used in every household. Someone will ask? How much is an Anet technology 3D printer?

Below, Anet editor will explain the characteristics of Anet 3d printer in detail

According to the different uses of 3d printers, the price of 3d printers is different, and 3d printers on the market can include technical process types, such as 3d printers such as SLS, SLA, DLP and FDM. Our Anet technology is mainly focused on the R&D and manufacturing of FDM 3d printers. FDM 3d printers are easy to operate, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and low-cost. They are widely used. Below, introduce several common FDM 3d printers.

3D printing enlightenment teacher

Desktop 3D Printer for Educational Application—N4

Based on thinking enlightenment and innovative design concepts, the N4 desktop 3d printer adheres to the design concepts of fashion, technology and lightness, optimizes the structure to a greater extent, and realizes the printing size of 200x200x300mm, and the molding accuracy is controlled within ±0.1-0.3mm, which is better The printing speed can be set to 40-60mm/s, and it can support printing materials: PLA/ABS/PHA/PETG/PC/PG and other 3d printing materials. The body sheet metal material uses all metal materials and prints a variety of materials, which realizes intelligent leveling and midway material change. It has a built-in monitoring device and a high-definition camera, which can monitor multiple devices at the same time through the PC.

3D printing enlightenment teacher

Desktop 3D printer for education application—N4, how much is one?

In addition, with the dedicated efforts of Anet technology engineers, laser printing has been achieved, and it has led the 3D printer manufacturers in the same industry. Someone must ask, the performance of this FDM 3d printer is pretty good, but a 3d printer is more expensive? , The retail price of this 3D printer on the official website is RMB 6,499, and education items are also included.

3D printing enlightenment teacher

This 3D printer is desktop-class safe, environmentally friendly and smart. Appearance design, calm and elegant; Chinese touch screen operation interface, menu logic is full of affinity. The main 3d printing education courses and the popularization of 3d printing basic tutorials give youths creative thinking rich colors and further increase the fun of youth learning 3d printing.

Parents see here, hurry up and equip their children with 3D printing enlightenment teachers! This 3D printer retails for only 6,499, and there are more events waiting for you to get it.

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