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Six advantages of using FDM 3d printer
August 3, 2020
working principle of several 3d printers
The working principle of several 3d printers
August 4, 2020

Three ways of ET4/ET5 3D printer leveling

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With the development of 3D printing technology, the functions of 3D printers in our country are becoming more and more comprehensive. Many 3D printing materials have made great progress and continue to add a lot of color to our lives. This digital manufacturing uses computer graphics and numbers to produce a variety of Shape parts, turning people’s imagination into reality.

ET4/ET5 3D printer leveling

Therefore, many residents want to own a 3D printer to inspire children’s thinking and exercise their hands-on ability. But the headache for many parents is that they will not be leveled, and the distance between the nozzle and the printing platform is not balanced, resulting in printing failure. Below, the editor of Anet will explain the three 3D printer leveling methods in detail.

1.Establish a comprehensive model:

When we use a 3D printer, we often build a triangular or two-corner 3D printer model, and the nozzles cannot be kept at the same distance from the printing platform, resulting in printing failure. We can set a model file with a surface area of ​​200x200mm, so that the 3D printing material extruded from the nozzle is evenly filled on the 3D printer platform, which solves the leveling problem well. But consume more materials.

ET4/ET5 3D printer leveling

2.Use A4 paper for leveling:

When we Anet trains most customers, we teach novice customers to use A4 paper to adjust the distance between the platform and the nozzle. We use the thickness of A4 paper, and slight pressure during adjustment will not have a greater impact on the platform. However, there are actually many drawbacks with A4 adjustment. It takes a long time to adjust, which will cause the platform to be unable to level, and there are still some minor problems.

ET4/ET5 3D printer leveling

3.Choose a guided leveling 3d printer:

Choose the 3D printers that can be guided and leveled on the market. At present, there are some 3D printer manufacturers in the market. They have developed a 3D printer that can be leveled intelligently, such as Anet Technology’s ET4 Pro 3D printer, ET4 X 3d and Printer ET5 3d printer, etc. can support guided leveling, allowing you to print without worries and enjoy the fun of 3d printing.

ET4/ET5 3D printer leveling
ET4/ET5 3D printer leveling

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