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Advantages of Anet LCD 3D Printer

Advantages of LCD 3D printer

People in the 3d printing industry know that Anet Technology has taken action this year. In response to the new year’s new weather, Ante Technology has launched FDM metal 3d printers and N4 light-curing 3d printers. They have just been launched and received attention and praise from everyone. They praised the high cost performance of the machine. The cat shop retails 10,000 yuan, which is many times lower than its peers. Well, today, the editor of Anet Technology will explain to you the advantages of Anet light-curing 3D printers and what are the differences from the machines on the market?

Advantages of LCD 3D printer

1. N4 light-curing 3d printer molding size:

This desktop LCD technology of Anet Technology is comparable, without laser vibrating mirror and projection module, simple structure and easy to assemble and maintain. The larger molding size of N4 is 120x210x386mm, which further pursues larger, more industrialized, and can achieve small batch production. Moreover, desktop-level LCD light-curing 3D printers on the market do not have this large 3D printing size, and our Anet technology has done it, and this set of data is already very rare.

2. The N4 light-curing 3d printer can alarm when the material is broken:

I believe that when you encounter a 3D printer in the printing process, you will encounter the 3D printer running out of materials, delaying the printing time, unable to find the time, and the late delivery of the bill, which is a headache. And this LCD light-curing 3D printer can support interrupted printing and continuous printing, and it supports interrupted material alarm, reminding you that the 3D materials have been used up, and you need to replace new 3D printing materials in time.

3.N4 light-curing 3d printer uses a wider range of materials:

LCD 3D Printer,N4 light-curing 3d printer

We all know that now the development of 3D printing technology is restricted, and another major factor is 3D printing materials. And our Anet technology N4 light-curable 3D printer can use any type of resin. This technology uses 405mm backlight, and most DLP resins and light-curable resins are compatible. But I would like to remind you that some SLA special resins cannot be used because the main problem is that they are underexposed.

4. N4 light curing 3D printer price:

In order to welcome the new year and the new atmosphere, Anet Technology recalled that old and new customers set the price of this LCD light-curing 3D printer at 10,000 yuan, which is cheaper than the light-curing 3D printers of the same industry, and it is considered as a good price-performance ratio. Anet Technology takes the quality and high-end route. This LCD 3D printer will not disappoint everyone in terms of performance. Recently the company launched a new event, everyone is welcome to come and buy.

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